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  • Thursday, June 05, 2008

    Progressive Win in California

    I have been pushing some candidates in California for a couple of weeks, mainly Progressive Majority endorsed candidates. In the June 3rd primary election, those candidates did very well.

    First off is a race for Superior Court Judge (office 125) where I covered the rather shocking news that a white supremicist, Bill Johnson, was running for judge as a Democrat. The good news is that Bill Johnson lost. His opponent, James Bianco, won with more than 73% of the vote. The main down side is nearly 25% of DEMOCRATIC voters in the district voted for a white supremicist. This in no way suggests those voters are white supremicists. It shows that so few people actually pay attention to the judicial races that they cluelessly vote for a white supremicist probably because they liked his name better. This is why you will find me publicizing judicial races as often as I can using as much information as I can: people need to know more about who they are electing as judges.

    Now we come to the Progressive Majority endorsed candidates. They did well. Of the nine candidates, two lost, one outright won, and six advance to a runoff. Here are the full results:

    State Representative

    Bob Blumenfield
    State Representative - District 40
    Advanced to runoff with 53% of the vote.

    Marty Block
    State Representative - District 78
    Advanced to runoff with 36% of the vote in a four-way race.

    Greg Pettis
    State Representative - District 80
    Eliminated with a second-place finish in a four-way race.

    County Offices

    Mark Ridley-Thomas
    Los Angeles County Supervisor - District 2
    Advanced to a runoff election with 45% of the vote in a nine-way race.

    City Offices

    Sheri Lightner
    San Diego City Council - District 1
    Advanced to runoff with 36% of the vote in a four-way race.

    Stephen Whitburn
    San Diego City Council - District 3
    Advanced to runoff with 28% of the vote in a six-way race.

    Tim Goodrich
    Torrence City Council - At Large
    Eliminated with 9% of the vote in a fourteen-way race.

    School Board

    John Lee Evans
    San Diego Board of Education - Subdistrict A
    Advanced to runoff to a runoff election with 40% of the vote in a nine-way race.

    Richard Barrera
    San Diego Board of Education - Subdistrict D
    Won with 100% of the vote, running unopposed.


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