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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

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  • Thursday, July 08, 2010

    Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 265

    I want to return to a theme I have discussed many times: the value of alternative energy. It is a solution that helps local economies, is more efficient than power resources that require mining and long-range transport of materials, it reduces carbon emissions and it reduces pollution in the air and water we depend on. And almost anyone in the country can purchase green energy. I should note that if you purchase green enery it doesn't mean that the actual electrons that come through your wires were produce by alternative energy, but it does mean that the money you pay funds green energy production. Which is pretty much what we need to do as consumers.

    Solving our energy needs while creating local jobs, reducing carbon emissions and reducing pollution is something that has to come BOTH from the top down and from the bottom up. You and I have to be part of the bottom up aspect of this change. Hopefully Obama is starting to lead from the top as well.

    From last week, here is Obama's weekly address where he announces some important initiatives:

    I should note that this is EXACTLY the kind of thing Obama needs to be doing for America. I'd say he has been a tad slow to do it and he needs to do much more of this kind of initiative, but at least he is doing it. And in the long term it will have a very positive effect on our economy and energy use.

    This issue, in the spirit of Obama's energy-focused approach to our economic recovery, I highlight some of the local things you can do to help stimulate LOCAL (that means local jobs and greater efficiency) and CLEAN energy initiatives (less pollution and carbon emissions) with only minimal cost to yourself. Joy and I switched to all green energy many years ago. It is really one of the most important actions you can take both for the American and world environment, but also for the local economy in your area. Look in the local focus sections for suggestions.

    I also want to return to and expand on something I said last newsletter: some of the reasons we should be really happy to have Obama in the White House. Last week I highlighted jobs with this graph: (see also this Daily Kos diary)

    Well here's another graph we need to keep in mind when we think about the nation's deficit and the claims that Obama is responsible for the deficit getting out of hand. This shows definitively that BUSH'S TAX CUTS FOR THE RICH is the biggest part of the deficit as it now stands: (see also this daily kos diary)

    (Isn't it about time to repeal those tax cuts for the rich? It's the best way we can cut the deficit)

    Now look at these headlines:

    Obama's FDA Quietly banning antibiotics in livestock production (This is HUGE, and something that I have been fighting for for years)

    Obama Goes Radical, Appoints Berwick (an excellent sounding appointment made over the Republican's heads)

    Obama Administration to Cover PTSD for ALL Veterans...About time!

    Look, there are still plenty of things I wish Obama would do more of or faster or whatever. But these are some real and very important changes that I have been waiting for for years. Job creation, investment in solar energy, ending the misuse of antibiotics, and getting some effective appointments in government. Maybe not enough of any of these, but at least things are heading in the right direction. I feel like I am getting my money's worth with these.

    Here is this week's newsletter:


    Republicans Don’t Want Indians to Vote In South Dakota

    Clean Energy, Progressive Groups Urge Media to Revisit Bogus "Climategate" Reports

    Continued from last week: BP Fined for Lying...and more suggestions on where to gas up

    From a little over a month ago: Senator Al Franken: Help me help Jack and Joe

    New York Focus: Green Power Switch

    Court slaps down BloomKlein on school closings...I cannot understand how Bloomberg thinks closing schools will solve any problems. All it will do is make the remaining schools even MORE over crowded. It makes as little sense as closing hospitals, which does nothing but overburden the surviving hospitals, driving them under.

    Bloomberg broke his MTA promises...not surprising. Bloomberg is not known for keeping his promises to lowly citizens like us

    Hydrofracking may endanger New York's water supply

    New York SD-42: David Sager signs on to reform agenda

    NYC Focus: Joel Klein is Goddamned Liar

    Brooklyn, NY Focus

    Manhattan, NY Focus

    Queens, NY Focus

    Bronx Focus: June 29 Democracy for New York Fundraiser/Meet and Greet for Charlie Ramos, jr. for State Senate:

    Bronx Focus: Desiree Pilgrim-Hunter for State Senate...perhaps NY State's most important primary election this year.

    Bronx, NY Focus

    Suffolk County, NY Focus

    Rochester, NY Focus

    New York 19th District Focus: Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Westchester Counties


    California Focus: Green Power Switch

    CA-Sen: Carly Fiorina In the mold of Sarah Palin

    California Nurses Push Back at Whitman

    Orange County, CA Focus

    San Diego, CA Focus

    Silicon Valley Area, CA Focus

    California 11th District Focus: San Joaquin, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties


    Texas Focus: Green Power Switch

    A stark comparison between Democrats and Repubs in Texas: Texas GOP and Democratic Platform Comparison

    Austin/Travis County, TX Focus

    Dallas County, TX Focus

    Houston/Harris County, TX Focus

    Texas 10th District Focus: Turn TX-10 Blue

    Texas 21st District Focus: Turn TX-21 Blue


    Virginia Focus: Green Power Switch

    VA-4: A Progressive Democrat for Southside Virginia:

    Virginia Focus: Republican Cuccinelli pocketing money meant for wounded veterans

    Charlottesville/Albemarle County, VA Foucus

    Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania County, VA Focus

    Hanover County, VA Focus


    Minnesota Focus: Green Power Switch

    Minnesota Focus: Ham Lake Mayor Paul Meunier announces State Senate candidacy:

    Minneapolis Mayor RT Rybak Endorses Staunton for District 41A:

    Progressive Candidates in Minnesota


    Illinois Focus: Green Power Switch

    Republican Mark Kirk: "Liar" - It's OK to use the word

    Here's something that we need: The Good Jobs Chicago Coalition...and here is video of the Good Jobs Chicago Coalition taking on Wal-Mart:


    New Jersey Focus: Green Power Switch

    Sussex County, NJ Focus

    Passaic County, NJ Focus

    Warren County, NJ Focus


    Pennsylvania Focus: Green Power Switch

    Republican Congressman Gerlach sides with Wall Street against hard-working Pennsylvanians

    Republican Pat Toomey Stubbornly Reaffirms Support for Drilling in Great Lakes...how many oil disasters will it take for the Greedy Oil Party to end its addiction to the oil industry. More here:

    Progressive Candidates in Pennsylvania

    Pennsylvania Focus: Lois Herr for Congress

    Lancaster Co. PA Focus


    Washington State Focus: Green Power Switch

    Lillian Kaufer endorsed by Democracy for Snohomish County for State Senate (D) 44th District

    Progressive Candidates in Washington State


    Florida Focus: Green Power Switch

    Another Lying Republican Scandal in Florida

    Joe Garcia and hope for Florida Democrats

    Broward County, FL Focus

    Orange County, FL Focus

    Pinellas County, FL Focus


    Colorado Focus: Green Power Switch

    Crisanta Duran, Democrat for State Representative in House District 5 in Denver, Colorado:

    An important new blog in Colorado: CO-Sen: New Website to Hold Republican Candidates Accountable for their Extreme Views

    Progressive Candidates in Colorado

    Boulder County, CO Focus

    Larimer County, CO Focus

    Douglas County, CO Focus


    Michigan Focus: Green Power Switch

    Another Right Wing Lie Disproven: Noncitizen Voting is Nonexistent, Say Michigan Election Officials...this one was pretty obviously not true. It is astonishing how many right wing extremists believe it.

    MI Republican Sec. of State candidate lists hate group leader's endorsement...yet another example of the close relationship between Republicans and racism.

    Progressive Candidates in Michigan


    Arizona Focus: Green Power Switch

    Arizona Focus: Despite what Conservatives say, Immigrants lower crime rates...this removes one major conservative talking point...and it seems to come from a conservative source!

    Progressive Candidates in Arizona


    Georgia Focus: Green Power Switch

    Atlanta, GA Focus

    Fayette County, GA Focus

    Coweta County, GA Focus


    Wisconsin Focus: Green Power Switch

    FAIR Wisconsin 2010 Endorsements



    North Carolina Focus: Green Power Switch

    North Carolina Focus: NC-5 District Focus (Stokes County, Statesville, Surrey County, Iredell County, Watauga County, Yadkin County)


    Nevada Focus: Green Power Switch

    Elliot Anderson for Nevada Assembly


    Iowa Focus: Green Power Switch


    IA-Gov news roundup


    Tennessee Focus: Green Power Switch

    Report: Coal Industry Harms TN and WV More Than It Helps



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