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  • Friday, May 14, 2010

    Progressive Candidates in Minnesota

    Here is a list of excellent candidates endorsed by Progressive Majority in Minnesota:

    Paul Meunier
    Candidate for State Senate - District 49 (Challenger)
    Anoka County

    Paul Meunier is the candidate for Senate District 49. Paul is currently the Mayor of Ham Lake, MN. Paul is deeply connected to his community and is a strong voice on state issues. His opponent, Senator Debbie Johnson, is a staunch conservative. Progressive Majority fielded two candidates for state House in 2008 in this district, winning one of those races. Paul has an outstanding campaign. He has an active volunteer base and his campaign is being managed by a Progressive Majority farm team member. Progressive Majority staff recruited Paul in 2008 through local DFL partners. Victory in this race will be important to ensure that the DFL maintains its veto-proof majority, and will be an important inroad in a very tough county.

    Click here to support and learn more about Paul.

    Kevin Staunton
    Candidate for State House - District 41A (Challenger)
    Hennepin County

    Elected! Too Close To Call This is a Hot Race This Candidate is part of the Racial Justice CampaignKevin Staunton is the city attorney for Excelsior, Minnesota running for State House in District 41A. Kevin ran for this seat in 2008 and lost narrowly in a three-person race. He was attempting to unseat a moderate, pro-choice Republican incumbent, and both Kevin and the incumbent lost to the ultra-right wing challenger. Now, Kevin is running against this staunch conservative, and the former incumbent is now running in the DFL primary. Kevin has already knocked on over 2,000 doors and has built a very strong campaign. Progressive Majority has an opportunity to win a vital race in Hennepin County - one of our most important targets.

    Click here to support and learn more about Kevin.

    Rena Moran
    Candidate for State House - District 65A (Open Seat)
    Ramsey County

    Rena Moran is a community organizer and dynamic progressive. If elected she will become the only African-American woman in the legislature. Rena has been at the forefront of organizing in the African-American community in St. Paul and the immediate suburbs. She is a former Wellstone Organizing Fellow and a graduate of the Organizing Apprenticeship Project. She is a true grassroots leader in her community and faces both primary and general election challenges from moderates of both parties.Rena has a remarkable life story and an unrivaled commitment to grassroots organizing. If she wins, she would be the only woman of color in the 134 member Minnesota House.

    Click here to support and learn more about Rena.

    Jen Peterson
    Candidate for State House - District 57A (Open Seat)
    Washington County

    Jen Peterson is a dynamic progressive who will be the first Progressive Majority pipeline candidate in Minnesota. With strong Progressive Majority support, Jen won election to the Cottage Grove City Council, where she has worked to build a strong progressive base. In this swing suburban district, building an independent base is crucial for success in partisan election. Jen faces a staunch conservative in the general, and her win is crucial in order to maintain a strong majority in the house.

    Tanweer Janjua
    Candidate for Cottage Grove City Council (Open Seat)

    Now that Jen Peterson has decided to run for state House, her seat is open on the Cottage Grove City Council. Tanweer Janjua is running for election to this seat. Tanweer is a Pakistani-American and would be the only Pakistani-American elected to public office in Minnesota. He works as an architect for the University of Minnesota and has a clear vision for better land use in this suburban community. He has doorknocked over 500 doors - he started in March - and is well placed to hold this important local seat.

    Greg Lemke
    Candidate for State House - District 9A (Challenger)
    Moorhead City

    Greg Lemke is a dynamic progressive running in one of the most Democratic districts with a conservative incumbent. Greg is a lieutenant in the Fargo, ND police department and he would be the only progressive police officer in the House. He also currently serves on the Moorhead City Council. In that role and in his role in law enforcement, Greg has been instrumental in the effort to protect the Red River Valley residents from recent flooding. Progressive Majority worked with Victory Fund to recruit Greg to run for this seat - one of the few powershift opportunities this year. We have worked with Greg to create strong campaign and finance plans, and has provided message training.

    Click here to support and learn more about Greg.

    Katie Rodriguez
    Candidate for State House - District 32B (Challenger)
    Hennepin County

    Katie Rodriguez is the candidate for House District 32B. Katie is a former public finance director in local government and has been a dynamic leader in this suburban district. Katie's opponent, Kurt Zellers, is a conservative and the House minority leader. Katie has one of the most dynamic campaign teams in the state. Katie has doorknocked over 2,000 doors. Katie's exceptionally strong campaign puts her in a position to be one of the pickups in tough districts in 2010.

    Click here to support and learn more about Katie.

    Derrick Lindstrom
    Candidate for State House - District 37A (Challenger)
    Dakota County

    In 2008, four DFL incumbents lost their bids for re-election in swing, suburban districts. In one of them, young Republican Tara Mack soundly defeated her DFL opponent, because the Democratic base was not motivated to support the incumbent. Derrick Lindstrom is a first-generation college graduate and a professor of Communication Studies. This district is in the highly targeted southern suburbs, where voters pride themselves on splitting their ballots. A win in this district would be an important pick up in the effort to build progressive power south of the Twin Cities.

    Click here to support and learn more about Derrick.

    Audrey Britton
    Candidate for State House - District 43A (Challenger)
    Hennepin County

    Audrey Britton is a business communications professional with both public and private experience. She is running in a swing suburban district represented by one of the most conservative legislators in the Minnesota House. In 2008, Progressive Majority endorsed a candidate in this district and lost narrowly. Audrey has already knocked over 1,000 doors and her private sector background has proven a strong asset among swing voters. This district is located in suburban Hennepin County and will be an important pick up as we seek to grow progressive power further away from the urban core.

    Click here to support and learn more about Audrey.

    Chris Knopf
    Candidate for State House - District 53B (Challenger)
    Ramsey County

    Chris Knopf is a candidate for House District 53B, the only legislative seat in Ramsey County held by a Republican. Chris ran for this seat as a Progressive Majority-endorsed candidate in 2008 and lost 54-46. Chris is a lawyer who formerly served as regional director for the Trust for Public Land. Chris is running against Carol McFarlane, a former White Bear Lake School Board member who is perceived as a moderate Republican (despite a conservative voting record) in one of the most Democratic districts in the state with an incumbent Republican. Chris has a campaign manager, a strong core of committed volunteers, and a motivated base of citizen-leaders and environmentalists with whom we are working closely. By endorsing Chris, Progressive Majority will help to finish a complete sweep of House Districts in Ramsey County, one of our top targets at the state and local level.

    Click here to support and learn more about Chris.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Mole, Thank you for focusing on Minnesota Progressives. We just saw this post in early October and thought we'd give you an update on one of the races - Katie Rodriguez.

    Doors: 18,150
    Calls: 2,650
    Mail: 16,900
    Volunteers: 155
    Fundraising: $48,000
    Katie's Pedometer: 634,000,(317 miles)

    I am a co-campaign mgr. for her election. This information can also be found on her website.


    11:14 AM  

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