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  • Friday, May 21, 2010

    Senator Al Franken: Help me help Jack and Joe

    This comes from Senator Al Franken:

    Midwest Values PAC is committed to supporting candidates in 2010 that will help continue the progress we're making for families and small businesses around the country. Democrats passed a historic health insurance reform law, reined in credit card companies to protect consumers, and just yesterday we passed the most sweeping reform of Wall St. in a generation.

    One thing we definitely CANNOT do is move backwards. In Kentucky and Pennsylvania we've got two great candidates for the Senate - Jack Conway and Joe Sestak. MVP can contribute $5,000 each to them asap, but (as always) I need your help.

    I can't count on brunches with lobbyists and special interest types to fund MVP to help Jack and Joe, though brunch (especially on the weekend) is delicious and may be my favorite meal, so I'm counting on you. Will you chip in today to help me help Joe and Jack hit the ground running in their respective general election campaigns?

    When I say that we need to help these great candidates because they'll move our country forward, I mean it literally. Their Republican opponents are Pat Toomey and Rand Paul -- a former derivatives trader from Wall St., and a Tea Partier.

    On Wednesday, Rand Paul couldn't answer a simple question of whether or not he supported desegregating lunch counters - a viewpoint so unbelievably dated it doesn't belong in this century, much less a 2010 campaign.

    Click here to help me raise $10,000 today to support Jack Conway and Joe Sestak! I'm revving up Midwest Values PAC now because progressives have got to get organized, and get to work, to make sure we're working together to elect candidates like Jack and Joe this November.

    You have played a huge part in helping me help elect Democrats through MVP in the past, and it's paid off. Senators and Representatives we've supported made significant improvements to both health insurance reform and Wall St. reform -- bills that would not have been possible without the progressives we've worked together to help elect.

    Al Franken has been one of the best Senators we've got. But he's up against so many do-nothing Democrats and reactionary Republicans it's hard for him to get things done. Let's help Al Franken bring real change to the Senate.


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