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  • Thursday, July 08, 2010


    From Roxanne Conlin's website:

    (DES MOINES)- Nearly five months away from the general election, KCCI/Research 2000 has released another poll confirming that Democratic US Senate candidate Roxanne Conlin continues to gain on Senator Grassley in a head-to-head match-up. Conlin trails Grassley by only eight percentage points in the latest poll released today by KCCI/Research 2000. This is the second poll that shows Senator Grassley at or below fifty percent, a 30 year low for the senior Senator. This race has become one of the closest Democratic challenger races in the nation.

    "Iowans know that we can't send the same guy to do the same job and expect different results," said Roxanne Conlin. "This poll echoes what we have been hearing across the state, Iowans want a senator who will stand up to the big banks, oil and insurance companies and I have made my life's work taking on the special interests. Senator Grassley voted to bailout Wall Street and five times to give tax breaks to companies who ship our jobs overseas. It's time for change."

    KCCI/Research 2000 also conducted a poll in the Democratic primary race and Conlin held a commanding thirty-five percentage point lead over her closest opponent.

    KCCI/Research 2000 Poll-General
    Roxanne Conlin 42%
    Chuck Grassley 50%
    Undecided 8%
    Margin of Error +/- 4

    KCCI/Research 2000 Poll-Primary
    Roxanne Conlin 48%
    Bob Krause 13%
    Tom Fiegen 12%
    Undecided 27%
    Margin of Error +/- 4

    Go here to get involved with Roxanne's campaign and bring change to Iowa.


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