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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

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I am a research biologist in NYC. Married with two kids living in Brooklyn.

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  • Saturday, January 01, 2011

    Progressive Democrat Newsletter Issue 284

    Happy New Year to all my readers out there. Time to work on the Liberal resurgence in America.

    Get ready for a tough year. The right wing extremists are going to be in power and will be trying to shut down the government at every turn. Bush Republicans are in charge of the House now, and the Senate is more evenly split than before. America will see an attempt at reviving the very Bush policies that got America into the mess we're in. It's all going to be about more and more for the rich and less and less for the rest of us. Hopefully Obama and the Senate can hold the line, but we are not going to see the kinds of progress we saw the last two years. In the last two years the Democrats did manage to get us (over the whining objections of Republicans):

    The Auto Industry Bailout which saved 1.4 million jobs
    Infrastructure Investment
    Green Energy Investment (largest investment in green technology in history)
    Raised fuel standards after years of stagnation and objection
    A modest Healthcare bill
    SCHIP expansion of healthcare to poor children
    Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act
    Repeal of DADT
    Two extensions of unemployment benefits
    A tax cut for the middle and working classes
    Help for 9/11 heroes (something they have waited for for a LONG time)
    START treaty
    Credit Cardholders' Bill of Rights
    Largest investment in college aid in history
    The Matthew Shepard Hate Crimes Act

    All in only two years and with CONSTANT obstructionism by Republicans, EVEN for the aid to 9/11 heroes, expansion of healthcare coverage for children, and investment in America's infrastructure.

    Look, I also wish more had been done. We needed even more infrastructure and Green Energy investment. We NEED single payer healthcare. A fair amount of this took too long and wasn't taken as far as I would like. But I still have to admit a LOT was done in 2 years and only by the Democrats with no help from the Republicans.

    Now the Republicans have taken one house of Congress and have strengthened their position in the other house. And they vow to expand their obstructionism, vowed to continue to be the Party of Hell No. This will be a tough year for America because the Republicans think they can go back to screwing us all over for their personal profit the way they did under Bush. I sure hope Obama and the Democrats in Congress fight hard against the return to Bush policies.

    The Liberals Strike Back 2012

    2010 was expected to be the resurgence of the Bush Republicans. And it was. But now we have the chance to make 2012 be the resurgence of the Liberals. But only if we start now and work towards it. In 2004 many of us started to build for 2006 and 2008 and our efforts went a long way to the big wins those years. In 2008 the billionaires invented the Teabagger movement (reminder: that was THEIR word for themselves) with the express purpose of reimposing a Bush agenda in 2010. They worked hard at it while we squabbled like only leftists can and so they won big in 2010. Time to do again what we did in 2004.

    I have an Actblue page that highlights several progressive and liberal groups that have an excellent track record of winning. I also want to start targeting specific key races. In particular, there are already three Senate races that demand attention, two on offence and one defense. These Senate races are based on the latest popularity polls looking for the most vulnerable Senators. Of course it is early and probably more races will emerge, but for now these are the key targets. The results from Daily Kos are:

    Approval ratings, candidates facing re-election in 2012, Lowest three:

    Joe Lieberman (I-CT): 33/54 (-21 net approval)
    John Ensign (R-NV): 41/48 (-7 net approval)
    Bob Casey (D-PA): 36/40 (-4 net approval)

    These will be the top three Senate races we can predict now. Which makes Connecticut, Nevada and Pennsylvania key battle grounds. And, of course, Nevada and Pennsylvania have become key battlegrounds anyway, making it well worth fighting every district in those states.

    Please help us defeat the Bush Republican/Teabbager anti-working class and anti-middle class agenda and help the liberals fight back.

    Start off 2011 right with a donation (small or otherwise) towards a big Liberal resurgence in 2012.

    Here is this week's newsletter:


    Liberal Shopping/Consumer Guide

    Top Democratic and Republican Donors in 2010

    Some Important History From Daily Kos: Celebrating the Confederacy 150 later

    And from last week: Beware of Bank of America: screwing the customer as a business model

    California Focus: Green Power Switch

    Orange County, CA Focus

    Los Angeles/San Fernando Valley/San Gabriel Valley, CA Focus

    San Diego, CA Focus

    Silicon Valley Area, CA Focus

    California 11th District Focus: San Joaquin, Alameda and Santa Clara Counties

    Northern California Focus: TAKE BACK RED CALIFORNIA

    Southern California Grassroots Alliance


    Brooklyn, NY Focus

    Manhattan, NY Focus

    Bronx, NY Focus

    Queens, NY Focus

    Suffolk County, NY Focus

    Rochester, NY Focus

    New York 19th District Focus: Putnam, Dutchess, Orange, Rockland, and Westchester Counties


    Illinois Focus: Green Power Switch

    Illinois Focus: Democratic Accomplishments Highlighted by Bill Foster

    Chicago/Cook County, IL Focus


    Florida Focus: Green Power Switch

    Tampa/Hillsborough County, FL Focus

    Orange County, FL Focus

    Broward County, FL Focus

    Pinellas County, FL Focus


    Wisconsin Focus: Green Power Switch

    Milwaukee, WI Focus

    Madison, WI Focus


    Virginia Focus: Green Power Switch

    Charlottesville/Albemarle County, VA Focus

    Fredericksburg/Spotsylvania County, VA Focus

    Stafford County, VA Focus

    Hanover County, VA Focus


    Austin/Travis County, TX Focus

    Houston/Harris County, TX Focus

    Dallas County, TX Focus

    Texas 10th District Focus: Bastrop, Lee, Burleson, Washington, Austin, Harris, Waller Counties

    Texas 15th Congressional District Focus: Hidalgo, Brooks, Duval, Live Oak, Bee, Jim Wells, Karnes, DeWitt, Goliad, San Patricio, Refugio Counties

    Texas 21st District Focus: Travis, Kerr, Real, Bandera, Kendall, Comal and Blanco Counties


    Pennsylvania Focus: Green Power Switch

    Philadelphia, PA Focus

    Lancaster Co. PA Focus


    Minnesota Focus: Green Power Switch

    Minneapolis, MN Focus

    Olmsted County, MN Focus


    Washington State Focus: Green Power Switch

    Seattle/King County, WA Focus

    Spokane County, WA Focus

    Thurston County, WA Focus


    New Jersey Focus: Green Power Switch

    Sussex County, NJ Focus

    Warren County, NJ Focus

    Passaic County, NJ Focus

    New Jersey 7th Congressional District Focus


    Arizona Focus: Green Power Switch

    Phoenix/Maricopa County, AZ Focus


    Georgia Focus: Green Power Switch

    Atlanta, GA Focus

    Coweta County, GA Focus

    Fayette County, GA Focus


    Michigan Focus: Green Power Switch

    Detroit, MI Focus


    North Carolina Focus: Green Power Switch

    North Carolina Focus: NC-5 District Focus (Stokes County, Statesville, Surrey County, Iredell County, Watauga County, Yadkin County)

    North Carolina 11th District (Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Macon, Swain, Jackson, Transylvania, Haywood, Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Polk Counties)


    Colorado Focus: Green Power Switch

    Denver, CO Focus

    Boulder County, CO Focus

    Larimer County, CO Focus

    Douglas County, CO Focus


    Tennessee Focus: Green Power Switch



    Nevada Focus: Green Power Switch

    Las Vegas, NV Focus



    Iowa Focus: Green Power Switch

    Davenport/Scott County, IA Focus


    Arkansas 1st Congressional District Focus

    Arkansas 3rd Congressional District Focus

    Oklahoma County, OK Focus


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