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Mole's Progressive Democrat

The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

Location: Brooklyn, New York, United States

I am a research biologist in NYC. Married with two kids living in Brooklyn.

  • Help end world hunger
  • Friday, December 17, 2010

    North Carolina 11th District (Cherokee, Graham, Clay, Macon, Swain, Jackson, Transylvania, Haywood, Madison, Buncombe, Henderson, Polk Counties)

    NC 11th Congressional District Democratic Party website:

    Let nothing discourage you from standing up for our communities and our working families. Join us, as we continue working to educate and prepare our young people for the future, to create homegrown, clean energy jobs, and to defend Social Security from Republican privitization schemes that threaten its support for generations who are paying into it. We stand on the shoulders of those who came before us, in support of those who follow in our footsteps. Our natural heritage in these mountains is worth fighting to protect. Join us! UNITED, we win!

    Check out their calendar of Democratic Events in the 11th District here.

    Henderson County Democratic Party:
    105 First Avenue West,
    Hendersonville NC 28792
    Phone: 828 692-6424

    Click here to get involved.

    Click here for local events.

    Buncombe County Democratic Party (BCDP)
    If you’re interested in joining the BCDP and volunteering
    with us, please email: hq@buncombedems.org
    951 Old Fairview Rd.
    Asheville, NC 28803
    (828) 274-4482

    Take a look at our Calendar of Events page. We have two ongoing monthly events
    where you can meet your fellow Democrats: Our Volunteer Luncheon held every
    first Wednesday at 12 noon and the BCDP Women’s Club Dinner held every 3rd
    Thursday at 6pm. Both events are usually hosted at our headquarters, but check
    the calendar for exact details!

    Haywood County Democratic Party Headquarters
    286 N Haywood St
    Waynesville, NC 28786
    (828) 452-9607

    Open Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10am - 2pm. For inquiries, call Janie Benson at 456-4942.

    Executive Meeting
    4th Monday 6:30pm
    Democratic Headquarters

    Senior Democrats
    Last Tuesday in month - noon
    Shoney's Restaurant

    Democrat Women's Club
    3rd Thursday - 5:30pm
    Shoney's Restaurant

    Democrat Men's Club
    4th Thursday - 6pm
    Duvall's Restaurant

    Cherokee County Democratic Party Contact:
    Curtis Brown
    PO Box 946, Murphy, NC 28906

    Democratic Party of Clay County:
    Check their calendar of events.

    We are a party of inclusiveness and diversity in one of the most politically active counties in North Carolina. We support the great Democratic candidates who believe in sound and responsible government and economic opportunity for all. Above all else, we recognize the importance of education in the support of a sound democracy. We are deeply concerned about our county, our state, our nation, and our world. We believe that there is much truth in what is so often said, "Think globally and act locally" and "All politics are local."

    Macon County Democratic Party:
    1021 East Main Street
    Franklin, North Carolina
    Phone 828.369.6568
    OPEN: 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Monday - Friday

    As the oldest continuous political party in the world, the Democratic Party has carried out its commitment to freedom, fairness, human rights, and responsible government for over 200 years. We pledge to continue this tradition.

    We take pride in our Democratic heritage as a party of spiritual and patriotic values; a party of inclusiveness; a party of diversity; a party of compassion; a party of educational and economic opportunities; a party of social justice; and a party of responsible leadership.

    This Party fully supports the sanctity of the Bill of Rights and opposes any frivolous or malicious amendments to the Constitution.

    NAACP in the 11th District: Here is a list of local branches of the NAACP in the 11th District:

    Mail P.O. Box 2881 Asheville, NC 28802
    Email abnaacp at bellsouth.net

    Branch HENDERSON COUNTY (inactive) Unit #5477
    (828) 692-7180 h (828) 692-7180 o
    Mail 837 Oak Street Hendersonville, NC 28791

    For those who want to combine social events with politics, there's Living Liberally Asheville:
    Asheville, North Carolina
    * Every Thursday, 7:00-10:00 pm
    * Asheville Brewing Company, 77 Coxe Ave (Downtown, 1/2 block north of Hilliard Ave.)
    * Hosted by Aric Vance and Susan Lee, asheville (at) drinkingliberally.org

    Jackson County Democratic Party:
    Calendar of events in Jackson County here.

    Madison County Democratic Party:
    P.O. Box 1150
    Marshall, NC 28753
    Phone: (828) 689-4661
    E-mail: madisondemocrat@gmail.com

    Even if you're on the right track, you'll get run over if you just sit there.
    -- Will Rogers

    Check out their calendar of local Madison County Events here.

    Alternative energy and YOUR energy bill: YOU can be part of the solution for America by signing up to purchase your energy through a Green Power Provider. My wife and I have been doing this in NYC for years. All our energy usage is provided through wind energy generation on American farms. So we use clean energy AND help American farmers. It costs us three cents per kilowatt-hour more per month, but we feel great about it. Although our actual energy may come from anywhere, we are paying to purchase wind energy for the energy grid. Each state has different programs available, usually through yuor existing energy provider right on your existing energy bill. To find such options in North Carolina, go here and pick your energy provider from the list. If you need help, you can email me and tell me who you get your bill from (don't give me any other info!) and I can tell you who to contact to go green through that energy provider. Or you can do the same thing using Renewable Energy Certificates through an organization that works with utility companies, though in this case it is a separate bill. One off the cheapest (.4-1 cent per kilowatt-hour), but still e-Green certified, ways to do this is through Good Energy. Or, for about half a cent per kilowatt-hour you can purchase renewable energy certificates through Carbonfund.org. ANY of these ways you do it, you are helping the environment, helping America, and helping cut carbon emissions.

    Weekly Women in Black Anti-War Vigil in Asheville
    Every Friday 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    Vance Monument - Pack Square
    Asheville, NC

    The Women In Black stand in silence against war, each Friday from 5 to 6 PM. All others are welcome to stand with them.

    Weekly Veterans for Peace Vigil in Asheville
    Every Tuesday 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm
    At the Vance Memorial
    Pack Square
    Asheville, NC 28801

    Find more events in Asheville here.

    Help the Asheville chapter help orphans in Afghanistan



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