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  • Saturday, January 01, 2011

    Top Democratic and Republican Donors in 2010

    Taken from Open Secrets.org, here is an overview of the top donors to political campaigns, focusing on the donors who primarily donated to Republicans compared with the donors who primarily donated to Democrats. First I present the donors who are listed as "Solidly" Republican or "Solidly" Democrat.

    Top Overall Donors to Republicans:

    Elliott Management (a Hedge fund company)
    Koch Industries (note: the billioaire who is the main financier of the Teabaggers)
    Every Republican is Crucial PAC
    Associated Builders & Contractors
    (so-called) "Freedom" Project (a Republican PAC)

    NOTES: Top Republican supporters are billionaires, contractors, and hedge funds...and keep in mind this applies to the Teabagger movement as well. They are supported by the same billionaires, contractors, and hedge funds.

    Top Overall Donors to Democrats:

    ActBlue (composite of many, many small, grassroots donations)
    Intl Brotherhood of Electrical Workers
    Laborers Union
    Machinists/Aerospace Workers Union
    EMILY's List (composite of many, many small grassroots donations)
    Plumbers/Pipefitters Union
    National Assn of Letter Carriers
    Ironworkers Union
    United Auto Workers
    United Transportation Union
    American Postal Workers Union
    AmeriPAC: The Fund for a Greater America

    NOTES: Top Democratic supporters are unions and grassroots donors.

    Seems to me the contrast is really quite sharp: Billionaires vs. working and middle class.

    Now looking only at corporate donors (with an eye towards boycotting or supporting various companies) here is a list of the large corporations that donated 60% or more to Republicans vs. 60% or more to Democrats.

    Republican Supporters: (I plan on boycotting these folks)

    Goldman Sachs (60% donations to Republicans)
    Blue Cross/Blue Shield (61% donations to Republicans)
    Bank of America (63% donations to Republicans)
    Wells Fargo (68% donations to Republicans)
    Home Depot (67% donations to Republicans)
    Altria Group (formerly Philip Morris!) (74% donations to Republicans)

    Democraitc Supporters:

    Comcast Corp (65% donations to Democrats)
    General Electric (60% donations to Democrats)

    Remember that Goldman Sachs, Bank of America and Wells Fargo all took bailout money that was taxpayer financed...and they used some of that money to elect Republicans. Altria is basically Philip Morris, a tobacco company. Blue Cross/Blue Shield is trying to block Healthcare Reform. Seems to me the Republicans are supported by some pretty sleazy companies and personally I have no intention of supporting those sleazy companies if I can avoid it.

    For more info on who donates what to whom, I highly recommend Open Secrets. They are a wonderful source of information about politics and money.



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