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  • Thursday, December 09, 2010

    California Focus: Green Power Switch

    Now more than ever America needs Green Power. Green Power means domestic energy and that means domestic jobs. And California could be a world leader in Green Power. Green Power means less money going to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and more staying right here in America. Green Power means cleaner air, cleaner water, less carbon emission and a stronger economy. And it is something we ALL can be a part of.

    Here are a couple of programs to help California residents make the switch to green energy. The cost is generally less than 3 cents per kilowatt-hour more than you currently pay for energy. By participating you contribute to reducing carbon emissions, cleaning up California's environment, and stimulating California's economy. Three important ways of helping your local community, local environment and local economy, all for less than 3 cents per kilowatt-hour of energy you use. When my wife and I made a similar switch in New York, we barely noticed the difference in our energy bill. We also switched to compact fluorescent bulbs at the same time and the energy savings reduced our bill by one-third even with the small increase from buying green energy. Together, we reduced our carbon footprint by about 30% while overall saving money. I highly recommend the switch.

    Anaheim Public Utilities Green Power Program:

    You can sign up right now for contributions to one of our green power programs. Just follow these simple steps:

    1. Click one of the links below to select the appropriate enrollment form for Residential or Business customers. You must fill out both forms if you wish to contribute as an Anaheim resident and Anaheim business.

    2. Select one of the contribution levels you want us to add to your utility bill for Green Power for the Grid. Then complete the information requested regarding your account with Anaheim Public Utilities.

    3. After completing the Online Enrollment Form, click on Submit. It is that simple. Your future Anaheim Public Utilities bills will be modified to include your designated contribution for each billing period.

    I am an Anaheim RESIDENTIAL CUSTOMER and would like to sign up to contribute to Anaheim Public Utilities Green Power for the Grid Program. Click Here.

    I am an Anaheim BUSINESS CUSTOMER and would like to sign up to contribute to Anaheim Public Utilities Green Power for the Grid Program. Click Here.

    Questions? Call 714.765.3300

    Los Angeles Department of Water and Power Green Power:

    LADWP has launched an aggressive initiative to integrate more renewable energy into our power supply – and to reduce our dependence on coal at the same time. While renewable energy made up only three percent of our power supply in 2005, as of July 1, 2008 we are at 8.5% and are on track to have 20% by 2010. Our goal after that is 35% by 2020.

    Find out more about our sources of renewable energy here

    Whether you are a resident or a local business owner, you can demonstrate your commitment to the environment by signing up for our Green Power for a Green LA Program, which allows you to purchase renewable energy from LADWP. For a small premium—currently, three cents per kilowatt hour—you can support renewable energy, a cleaner environment, and a greener Los Angeles. Click here to learn more about Green Power.

    Green Power Program Signup Form for Residential and Small Commercial Customers

    Green Power Program Signup Form for Medium and Large Commercial Customers

    Roseville Energy's Renewable Energy Program:

    Roseville Electric offers a clean, renewable energy option for Roseville residents and businesses: Green Roseville.

    Now you can demonstrate your support for renewable energy by participating in Roseville Electric’s easy and affordable renewable energy program. Your voluntary participation will help purchase renewable energy you use in your home or business from regional renewable energy sources

    Your participation is based on your energy use. For an additional 1.5¢ per kWh, you can be the one to help protect the environment and help Roseville Electric increase the amount of green energy we provide.

    Making a difference has never been so easy! Sign up now by filling out our online sign-up form.

    It's Easy
    Signing up online only takes a few minutes. Enrollment is voluntary and reversible at any time.

    It’s Affordable
    Green Roseville - 1.5 cents extra per kilowatt hour on your monthly energy bill.

    It’s Clean
    Roseville Electric chooses energy from regional wind sources.

    It's High Impact
    Choosing renewable energy helps increase the demand and production of renewable energy reducing our dependence on fossil based fuels. Green Roseville can also help you meet your green business goals.

    Special Notice: Beginning July 1, 2009 Roseville Electric's Environmental Compliance Charge will be waived for customers who participate in Green Roseville at the 100% level. Yet another reason to go Green.

    Sign up now by filling out our online sign-up form.

    Sacramento Municipal Utility District Greenenergy

    $6 a month supports cleaner energy

    For a small additional monthly charge of $6, SMUD will meet 100 percent of your electricity needs with power from renewable resources like wind, water and sun. For $3 per month, 50% of your electricity will be meet with renewable resources.

    The cost is conveniently included in your SMUD bill. Plus, SMUD matches an additional 40 percent to the amount you pay to build new cleaner energy resources, reducing the need to build future polluting power plants.

    Nearly 50,000 SMUD customers have joined Greenergy® and helped build local renewable resources like a local solar facility and three local wind turbines. These resources put cleaner energy into SMUD’s power grid to be delivered to our community.


    Santa Clara Green Power:

    Silicon Valley Power is committed to giving customers the lowest cost power available, but we also want to leave a clean, healthy planet for future generations, and we want to give you options. That is why we have created a program that gives you the choice to support one hundred percent renewable energy.

    Green Power is clean power. By choosing Santa Clara Green Power, you will support energy from the wind and the sun, two of the cleanest and most renewable energy sources. Wind turbines and solar energy facilities do not emit harmful particulate matter (the leading cause of asthma) or greenhouse gasses (the main cause of global warming), and they leave future generations with a legacy of sustainable energy.

    Now Santa Clara residents and businesses have the power to choose. Santa Clara Green Power, the voluntary renewable energy program from SVP, offers you the option of one hundred percent renewable energy at some of the lowest rates in the nation. For just a penny and a half extra per kilowatt hour (1.5 cents), you can choose Green-e Energy certified clean energy for one hundred percent of your usage. The additional monthly cost is only about $7.50 for the average Santa Clara household, less than the cost of two gourmet coffees per month.

    The average Santa Clara Green Power participant will prevent 7,310 pounds of CO2 and harmful particulates into the atmosphere each year. The environmental and air quality benefits are equivalent to the carbon removed from the atmosphere annually by 0.75 acres of pine or fir forests, or not driving your car for half a year.

    Sign up for 100 percent renewable power



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