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  • Friday, August 06, 2010

    Target is feeling the heat -- call them now

    Target is the latest company (following in the footsteps of Whole Foods) whose CEO is going teabagger and pushing for obstruction of progressive change in America. They have been supporting some of the most extreme right wing Republicans around. A boycott movement started in Minnesota against Target and their CEO's right wing fanaticism, but it is spreading to the rest of the country. Here is a video of activists delivering a boycott notece to Target headquarters:

    This Action Alert comes from MoveOn.org, one of the most effective liberal grassroots organizations out there:

    Target's CEO wrote an email to company employees where he tried to justify taking advantage of the Citizens United ruling and using company money to buy elections. He said the donation was made for "business objectives such as job creation and economic growth."1

    Clearly, Target hasn't gotten the message: Whatever the reason, trying to buy an election is unacceptable. And especially when the candidate you're supporting is a right-winger who actively threatens many of Target's customers' values!

    Target must be thinking that they can ride out this wave of public outrage—that it'll blow over if they just ignore us. We can't let that happen—Target, and companies across the country watching this case, need to understand how serious this is to customers and voters nationwide. So we're aiming to turn up the heat TODAY by flooding their phones with calls from outraged customers.

    Can you take a moment right now to call Target? Just speak from the heart and tell them why you're not shopping there until they apologize and promise not to buy an election ever again. You don't need to be an expert on Target, or on Tom Emmer's candidacy, to speak your mind.

    Here's the number to call:
    (612) 304-6073

    (Press 1 until you get to speak to a "customer relations" representative. You'll hear a recording directing you to their website, just stay on the line.)

    Please click here to share how your call went once you've done it:


    If they say that you're the first call today, don't believe 'em! They've set up a special phone line to take these kinds of calls. And the more they hear from us, the more they'll understand the gravity of what they've done.

    Let's make those phones ring off the hook.

    Thanks for all you do.

    –Ilyse, Robin, Anna, Mari, and the rest of the team

    P.S. If you're on Facebook, check out and join the Boycott Target group: http://www.moveon.org/r?r=89742&id=22261-5690110-2VWoaqx&t=2


    1. "Target CEO defends donating to anti-gay gubernatorial candidate—Boycott gains momentum," Ann Arbor Examiner, July 30, 2010

    I had nothing against Target...until now. I am adding them to my list of companies to avoid as long as their CEO is pushing a right wing agenda I cannot support.


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