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The Progressive Democrat Newsletter grew out of the frustration of the 2004 election. Originally intended for New York City progressives, its readership is now national. For anyone who wants to be alerted by email whenever this newsletter is updated (usually weekly), please send your email address and let me know what state you live in (so I can keep track of my readership).

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I am a research biologist in NYC. Married with two kids living in Brooklyn.

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  • Friday, August 06, 2010

    New York State Focus: Extended Roundup of Endorsements

    I add some more groups to my list of endorsements for 2010. Some groups I list are Brooklyn centric, some are NYC-wide and some are statewide.

    I should note that my particular endorsements are: (not meant to be comlpete list...just the ones of paricular importance where there is a real competition)

    State Attorney General: Sean Coffey or Eric Schneiderman

    12th Congressional District: Nydia Velasquez

    State Senate: (some of the most important races this year!)
    SD 10 (Queens) – Lynn Nunes (D), Challenger
    SD 11 (Queens) – Tony Avella (D), Challenger
    SD 18 (Brooklyn) – Velmanette Montgomery (D), Incumbent
    SD 22 (Brooklyn) - Michael DiSanto (D), Challenger
    SD 32 (Bronx) – Carlos Ramos (D), Challenger

    State Assembly:
    AD 26 (Queens) – Steve Behar (D), Challenger

    Brooklyn District Leaders:
    50th AD Female District Leader: Kate Zidar
    50th AD Male District Leader: Lincoln Restler
    52nd AD Female District Leader: Jo Anne Simon
    52nd AD Male District Leader: Chris Owens
    53rd AD Female District Leader: Barbara Medina
    53rd AD Male District Leader: Esteban Duran

    CENTRAL BROOKLYN INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS: This is probably THE most liberal, idealistic and reform-minded club in NYC and their endorsements are very carefully thought out and debated. I highly recommend taking their endorsements into account and checking out their candidate questionnaires.

    Attorney General: Sean Coffey [NOTE: Sean Coffey has also been endorsed by Al Franken]

    12th Congressional District
    Nydia Velazquez

    10th Congressional District
    Kevin Powell

    18th State Senate District
    Velmanette Montgomery

    20th State Senate District
    Eric Adams

    25th State Senate District
    Daniel Squadron

    44th Assembly District
    James Brennan

    52nd Assembly District
    Joan Millman

    44th AD Male District Leader
    Jacob Gold

    44th AD Female District Leader
    Lori Knipel

    52nd AD Male District Leader
    Chris Owens

    52nd AD Female District Leader
    Jo Anne Simon

    Civil Court Judge
    Harriet Thompson

    LAMBDA INDEPENDENT DEMOCRATS: one of NYC's strongest and most active LGBT clubs.

    United States Senate:
    Kirsten Gillibrand

    NY State Comptroller:
    Thomas DiNapoli

    NY State Attorney General:
    Eric Schneiderman

    U.S. House (8th Congressional Dist.):
    Jerrold Nadler

    U.S. House (10th Congressional Dist.):
    Kevin Powell

    U.S. House (11th Congressional Dist.):
    Yvette Clarke

    U.S. House (12th Congressional Dist.):
    Nydia Velazquez

    Civil Court, County-wide:
    Harriet Thompson

    Civil Court, 7th District:
    Betty Joyce Williams

    NY State Senate:
    18 – Velmanette Montgomery
    20 – Eric Adams
    21 – Kevin Parker
    22 – Michael DiSanto
    23 – Diane Savino
    25 – Daniel Squadron
    27 – Igor Oberman

    NY State Assembly:
    44 – Jim Brennan
    46 – Alec Brook-Krasny
    52 – Joan Millman
    55 – William Boyland
    57 – Hakeem Jeffries

    District Leader/State Committee:
    41 Male – Lew Fidler
    44 Female – Lori Citron Knipel
    44 Male – Jacob Gold
    50 Male – Lincoln Restler
    52 Female – Jo Anne Simon
    52 Male – Chris Owens
    57 Female – Olanike Alabi
    57 Male – Walter Moseley
    60 Male – Ralph Perfetto

    DEMOCRACY FOR NYC: (The Local Branch of Howard Dean's Democracy for America)

    Attorney General: Eric Schneiderman

    Congress, District 10: Kevin Powell

    Congress, District 14: Carolyn Maloney

    Congress, District 15: Jonathan Tasini

    State Senate, District 10: Lynn Nunez

    State Senate, District 27: Igor Oberman

    State Senate, District 30: Bill Perkins

    State Senate, District 32: Charlie Ramos Jr.

    State Senate, District 33: Desiree Hunter

    State Assembly, District 26: Steve Behar

    EMPIRE STATE PRIDE AGENDA: Another LGBT organization, this time statewide.

    New York State Senate

    Primary Election -
    SD 10 (Queens) – Lynn Nunes (D), Challenger
    SD 16 (Queens) – Toby Ann Stavisky (D), Incumbent
    SD 32 (Bronx) – Carlos Ramos (D), Challenger
    SD 46 (Albany) – Neil Breslin (D), Incumbent
    SD 58 (Buffalo) – Tim Kennedy (D), Challenger

    General Election –
    SD 1 (North & South Fork of Long Island) – Regina Calcaterra (D), Challenger
    SD 3 (Brookhaven) – Brian Foley (D), Incumbent
    SD 6 (Nassau County) – Dave Mejias (D), Challenger
    SD 7 (Nassau County) – Craig Johnson (D), Incumbent
    SD 11 (Queens) – Tony Avella (D), Challenger
    SD 12 (Queens) – Michael Gianaris (D), Open
    SD 23 (Staten Island) – Diane Savino (D), Incumbent
    SD 26 (Manhattan) – Liz Krueger (D), Incumbent
    SD 29 (Manhattan) – Thomas Duane (D), Incumbent
    SD 34 (Bronx, Westchester) – Jeffrey Klein (D), Incumbent
    SD 37 (Westchester) – Suzi Oppenheimer (D), Incumbent
    SD 40 (Northern Westchester/Putnam) – Michael Kaplowitz (D), Open
    SD 41 (Columbia/Dutchess counties) – DiDi Barrett (D), Challenger
    SD 44 (Schenectady) – Susan Savage (D), Challenger
    SD 49 (Onondaga/Oneida/Madison counties) – David Valesky (D), Incumbent
    SD 50 (Syracuse) – Kathleen Joy (D), Challenger
    SD 56 (Rochester) – Robin Wilt (D), Challenger
    SD 60 (Buffalo) – Antoine Thompson (D), Incumbent

    New York State Assembly

    Primary & General Election –
    AD 39 (Queens) – Francisco Moya (D), Open
    AD 114 (Plattsburgh/North Country) – Janet Duprey (R), Incumbent
    AD 119 (Syracuse) – Phillip LaTessa (D), Open
    AD 131 (Rochester) – Harry Bronson (D), Open

    General Election –
    AD 1 (Suffolk) – Mark Alessi (D), Incumbent
    AD 4 (Suffolk) – Steven Englebright (D), Incumbent
    AD 11 (Suffolk) – Robert Sweeney (D), Incumbent
    AD 13 (Nassau) – Charles Lavine (D), Incumbent
    AD 16 (Nassau) – Michelle Schimel (D), Incumbent
    AD 25 (Queens) – Rory Lancman (D), Incumbent
    AD 36 (Queens) – Aravella Simotas (D), Open
    AD 52 (Brooklyn) – Joan Millman (D), Incumbent
    AD 60 (Staten Island/Brooklyn) – Janele Hyer-Spencer (D), Incumbent
    AD 61 (Staten Island) – Matthew Titone (D), Incumbent
    AD 65 (Manhattan) – Micah Kellner (D), Incumbent
    AD 66 (Manhattan) – Deborah Glick (D), Incumbent
    AD 67 (Manhattan) – Linda Rosenthal (D), Incumbent
    AD 69 (Manhattan) – Daniel O’Donnell (D), Incumbent
    AD 73 (Manhattan) – Jonathan Bing (D), Incumbent
    AD 81 (Bronx) – Jeffrey Dinowitz (D), Incumbent
    AD 95 (Rockland County) – Ellen Jaffee (D), Incumbent
    AD 101 (Ulster/Columbia counties) – Kevin Cahill (D), Incumbent
    AD 102 (Ulster/Dutchess counties) – Joel Miller (R), Incumbent
    AD 104 (Albany) – John McEneny (D), Incumbent
    AD 106 (Albany, Rensselaer) – Ronald Canestrari (D), Incumbent
    AD 120 (Syracuse) – William Magnarelli (D), Incumbent
    AD 122 (North Country) – Brian McGrath (D), Open
    AD 126 (Binghamton) – Donna Lupardo (D), Incumbent
    AD 135 (Monroe County) – David Koon (D), Incumbent
    AD 144 (Buffalo) – Sam Hoyt (D), Incumbent

    NEW KINGS DEMOCRATS: A new reform club that grew out of the local 2008 Obama Campaign

    U.S. Congress- District 12: Nydia Velazquez
    New York State Senate- District 25: Daniel Squadron
    New York State Assembly- District 52: Joan Millman
    Female State Committee District Leader- District 50: Kate Zidar
    Male State Committee District Leader- District 50: Lincoln Restler
    Female State Committee District Leader- District 52: Jo Anne Simon
    Female State Committee District Leader- District 53: Barbara Medina
    Male State Committee District Leader- District 53: Esteban Duran


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