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  • Friday, November 07, 2008

    MINNESOTA FOCUS: Al Franken, The Minnesota Project, Drinking Liberally


    This race remains undecided.

    Al Franken, is running for Senate in Minnesota and is one of the key progressives we have to elect. Al Franken has pulled AHEAD of Coleman in three recent polls.

    Here is An Economic Recovery Plan For Minnesota Families

    Here is Al Franken speaking on energy policy:

    And find out about Norm Coleman's poor job in holding government accountable:

    You can go here to learn more about Al Franken for Senate.

    Here are some excellent progressive candidates in Minnesota (all endorsed by Progressive Majority):

    Kevin Staunton
    Candidate for State Representative - District 41A (Challenger)
    Edina in Hennepin County

    Kevin Staunton lost.

    Gail Kulick Jackson
    Candidate for State Representative - District 16A (Challenger)
    Sherburne, Mille Lacs, Benton and Morrison Counties, including St. Cloud and Little Falls

    Gail Kulick Jackson WON!

    Jim Godfrey
    Candidate for State Representative - District 17A (Challenger)
    Isanti and Chisago Counties, including Cambridge and North Blanco

    Jim Godfrey lost.

    Grace Baltich
    Candidate for State Representative - District 32A (Challenger)
    Dayton, Maple Grove and Rogers in Hennepin County

    Grace Baltich lost.

    Mike Obermueller
    Candidate for State Representative - District 38B (Challenger)
    Farmington and Hastings in Dakota County

    Mike Obermueller WON!

    Jerry Pitzrick
    Candidate for State Representative - District 42B (Challenger)
    Eden Prairie in Hennepin County

    Jerry Pitzrick lost.

    Ted Butler
    Candidate for State Representative - District 49A (Open Seat)
    Andover and Ham Lake in Anoka County

    Ted Butler lost.

    Danna Elling-Schultz
    Candidate for Hastings City Council - Ward 4 (Incumbent)

    Danna Elling-Schultz WON!

    Blogging Minnesota:

    Minnesota Campaign Report: Updates on campaigns in Minnesota

    MN Blue: Turning Minnesota Bluer

    Some Stories of Interest:

    Coleman advocating a bypass of state law. Another Republican who has no respect for American law. Look, Norm, Minnesota state LAW requires the recount and your personal ego is not worth more than Minnesota state law. Get over it and let the votes be properly counted! Why do Republicans hate American law and disrespect fair and acurate voting?

    File under 'Why we really need a recount'..... I will add that I have seen exactly this kind of mistake in Brooklyn. Tired, overworked election workers coupled with old machines mean recounts can be a good idea.

    Diebold plays a role in the MN-SEN race

    What went wrong in the 3rd, 6th district races?

    When and how will Norm Coleman be investigated and prosecuted for hiding funneled money?

    Norm Coleman's flip-flopping on Social Security Privatization

    The Minnesota Project is a nonprofit organization that connects people with policy to nurture collaborations that build strong local economies, vibrant communities and a healthy environment.

    Our programs are focused on clean renewable energy and efficient use of energy; farm practice and policy that promote profitable farms that protect the environment; and the production and consumption of local and sustainably-produced foods.

    The Minnesota Project works in ways that emphasize collaboration, community building, and capacity building. For over twenty-five years we have fostered local empowerment, bridged diverse interests, encouraged shared values, and initiated working dialogues that create positive action and policy.

    Minnesota Institute for Sustainable Agricultre Newsletter: A Partnership between the University of Minnesota and the Sustainer's Coalition.

    Alternative Energy Resources in Minnesota: a short summary of alternative energy resources for Minnesota. For more information on each technology, visit the State Energy Alternatives Technology Options page.

    And for those who like mixing fun and politics, here are a couple of Drinking Liberally groups in Minnesota:

    Every Thursday of each month, 6:00 pm
    331 Club, 331 13th Ave NE (13th and University in Northeast Minneapolis)
    Hosted by Robin Marty

    First and Third Thursday of each month, 8:00 pm
    Old #1, 412 Atlantic Avenue
    Hosted by Jeff Lamberty


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