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  • Friday, March 19, 2010

    Georgia Focus: Regina Thomas for Congress (GA-12)

    Regina Thomas is challenging Blue Dog John Barrow who is among the least popular Democrats in Congress and who has opposed practically every major Obama policy. Barrow has voted with the Republicans on key issues more frequently than any other Democrat from a Democratic majority district. State Senator Regina Thomas, by contrast, is a truly dedicated public servant with a great track record of helping Georgia's working and middle class families. Here's a Video from Regina Thomas for Congress (Democrat for GA-12):

    Here is a map of the 12 district:

    Some background on Regina Thomas, from her website:

    Senator Regina Thomas of Savannah was elected to the Georgia State Senate in a special election on January 11, 2000. Regina’s service in the Georgia General Assembly began with her service in the Georgia House of Representatives from 1995 to 1998, where her efforts were focused on education, children’s issues and welfare reform. Regina served as Assistant Majority Whip in the House from 1997 through 1998.

    The Lieutenant Governor appointed Senator Thomas to serve as a member on the Education and Youth, Appropriations, Reapportionment & Redistricting, State Institutions and Property, and the Regulated Industries & Utilities Committees. Senator Thomas is a member of the following Appropriations Sub-Committees: Community Health, Judicial, Public Safety and Criminal Justice Senator Thomas formerly served on the Diabetes Advisory Council and the Georgia World Congress Center Overview committee. Senator Thomas chaired the Senate’s State Institutions and Property Committee during 2002-2004 Legislative Sessions. The Senator currently serves as Vice-Chair of that committee.

    Senator Thomas is the recipient of many awards including "Legislator of the Year 2005 - Georgia Environmental Council", "One of the Most Influential Women, 2006", "The Rev. James Sims Public Service Award, 2003 - King Tisdal Institute", Georgia Outstanding Woman of the Year 2007 - The Georgia Deaf Association", "Voted 2006 and 2007 Platinum Awards as the Best Community Leader", "Elected Official of the Month May 2005 - Georgia Equality", "Distinguished Service Award - Helen Keller Foundation", to name a few.

    Senator Thomas was nominated by the Savannah Morning News as a Person of Impact - "for being a voice in the legislature for those without a voice", "for fighting, with some success, to keep children from being locked out of the State's PeachCare Program for poor families", "for tireless efforts to get state help for the neediest people in her District", for understanding that legislative success requires working cooperatively with lawmakers of the opposite party, and "for refusing to be silenced even though it cost her a Committee Chairmanship".

    A native of Savannah, Senator Thomas is a 1970 graduate of A.E. Beach High School. She is married to Ervin J. Thomas, Sr., a retired policeman. They have three sons, a daughter and nine grandchildren. Senator Thomas also attended Savannah Tech, Community College of Baltimore.

    She is a member of the Liberty City Church of Christ in Savannah, and attends area churches regularly.

    Active in community affairs, Senator Thomas volunteers with the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum and is a former volunteer of Chatham-Savannah Citizen Advocacy Office. The Senator formerly volunteered at Savannah State University with Pathways to Teaching.
    Senator Thomas proudly represents the 2nd Senate District, which includes portions of Chatham County and the City of Savannah.

    To volunteer for her campaign, sign up here.

    You can donate to her campaign through my Healthcare4America Act Blue Site.


    Blogger DownWithTyranny said...

    The Blue America PAC is endorsing Regina Saturday. For us it isn't just Barrow's vote against healthcare reform. We've been watching his increasingly reactionary Blue Dog behavior for a long time, even before he fled his gerrymandered district in Athens for a safer Democratic seat in Savannah. But what does he do with that safer Democratic seat? He uses it as a base from which to cater to the worst of the vested interests by siding with Republicans on issue after issue. It looks like voters in GA-12 have wised up to him and tomorrow we're introducing our readers to former state Senator Regina Thomas at Crooks and Liars (2pm, ET).

    We'll also be rolling out our first campaign ad of the 2010 season (and it isn't a coincidence that tomorrow is the day).

    7:08 PM  

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