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  • Friday, March 19, 2010

    Nevada Focus: Republican John Ensign Subpoenaed

    Looks like yet another Republican is in legal/ethical trouble. Federal investigators have issued subpoenas to the National Republican Senatorial Committee for documents relating to Sen. John Ensign's (R-Nev.) tenure there: (From Las Vegas Now)

    The criminal probe stems from a romantic affair Ensign had with the wife of his key staffer and close friend, Doug Hampton, and what Ensign has done to help Hampton financially...

    On March 8, 2010, a two person team from the DOJ came to Las Vegas with a fistful of subpoenas to serve on local businessmen who have had dealings with Senator Ensign or his staff since January 2008. The team consisted of a special agent from the FBI and a prosecutor from the Criminal Division, Public Integrity Section of the Department of Justice...

    After Ensign's affair with Hampton's wife became known, Ensign urged the Slankers to hire Hampton at November Inc. Hampton was later hired by two Nevada companies with known ties to Ensign, but the trail of subpoenas makes it clear the Justice Department wants to know if other Las Vegas businesses had their arms twisted to give work to Hampton, or whether they were pressured by Ensign or his senate staffers, and what the businesses expected in return.

    According to multiple sources familiar with the grand jury subpoenas, investigators do not believe any of the Nevada companies did anything illegal. Their interest is focused on Ensign, Hampton, and others who may have assisted in trying to steer income Hampton's way...

    From what emails and sources say, they were shopping Doug Hampton around, trying to get him jobs in exchange for silence. The senator would give Nevada companies help, but the overall message was to hire Hampton. $30,000 in donations to Republicans wouldn't hurt either.

    Ah, the Republican corruption never ends. You can read the subpoenas here.


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