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  • Friday, March 12, 2010

    Excellent Videos Discussing Global Warming

    These come from a Daily Kos diary and are excellent discussions about global warming and address the foolish anti-science denials we keep hearing from the right wing Denial Lobby. The descriptions of each video come from the above referenced diary.

    Video 1: The basics

    This video explains the basic science and the current scientific theory of climate change in simple to understand language. Must see if you are fuzzy on the details.

    Video 2: The (lessening) scientific debate about anthropogenic climate change

    This video deals with the scientific objections to anthropogenic climate change, from scientists (keyword anthropogenic, as no real scientists doubt the climate is changing). It's quite objective in its analysis of the competing theories/models.

    Video 3: The myth of 1970s global cooling

    Now we get into the meat of things. This is the first "debunking" video, and it debunks various claims by people like George Will and others that keep repeating the lie that scientists thought in the 1970s the Earth was cooling/entering an ice age.

    [My Note: this is one of the most persistent falsehoods spread by the Denial Lobby]

    Video 4: Urban myths on climate change

    This video deals with Al Gore and Martin Durkin (maker of the counter-documentary to the Inconvenient Truth).

    Video 5: The myth of natural variations

    Must see. This video debunks many of the claims by various climate change skeptics that climate change is "natural". It goes into more detail about the factors effecting climate, like solar output, and how it was played a part in the past climate of the Earth.

    Video 6: Climategate #1
    Video 7: Climategate #2

    These videos are also a must see if you need to see a good debunking of climategate. Video 6 details with the so-called conspiracy and right-wing hysteria over these emails, while video 7 deals with the science content/process and "suppressing opposing viewpoints" .

    Video 8 and 8a: The Earth is cooling (now) debunked

    This video debunks the stuff James Inhoufe, among others (e.g. FOX news) have been recently been repeating that the Earth is now cooling (in the last 15 years or so).

    Supplement to #8 that won't embed properly: http://www.youtube.com/...


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