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  • Friday, September 19, 2008

    WASHINGTON FOCUS: Progressive Candidates, Alternative Energy, Drinking Liberally

    Blogging Washington State: Washblog

    Interesting story from Daily Kos: "Conservative" Seattle Times Endorses Barack Obama for President. Seems the McCain/Palin platform of a Third Bush Term is turning everyone off as our economy crumbles.

    Next I want to mention candidates endorsed by the Indigenous Democratic Network (INDN List):

    Representative John McCoy
    Candidate for Washington State Representative, District 38
    Enrolled Member of Tulalip Tribes

    Representative John McCoy is seeking his 4th term in the Washington State House of Representatives, and he is a member of the Tulalip tribe. Before he was elected in 2002, he spent twenty years in the U.S. Air Force. He has served as chairman of the National Caucus of Native American State Legislators, as director for Boys and Girls Club and United Way, and as a steward of the environment as vice chairman of the Select Committee on Hood Canal and a member of the Puget Sound Action Team.

    Representative Don Barlow
    Candidate for Washington State Representative, District 6
    Enrolled Member of Ottawa Nation

    Representative Don Barlow is seeking his 2nd term to represent District 6 in the Washington State House of Representatives, and he is a member of the Ottawa tribe of Oklahoma and a veteran of the Idaho National Guard. Dr. Barlow’s Indian name is Kish-Ko (first born).

    Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, he also received a Masters Degree in Counseling from the University of Idaho and a Doctorate of Education from Penn State University. He has worked as a licensed mental health counselor, in corrections, and in higher education.

    With an obvious passion for education, he serves on the Spokane School Board, and he was the first Native American elected to this position. He teaches classes at the Institute of Extended Learning through the Community Colleges of Spokane.

    Earlier this year, Representative Barlow sponsored legislation that would give bonuses to middle and high school teachers with National Board for Professional Teaching Standards certification. He believes in paying teachers what they are worth to ensure our children are educated in top-notch classrooms.

    Representative Jeff Morris
    Candidate for Washington State Representative, District 40
    Enrolled Member of Tsimshian Indian Nation

    Representative Jeff Morris is a fourth-generation native of the San Juan Islands in Washington state, and he is a member of the Tsimshian tribe. He was elected to the State House of Representatives in 1996, and he currently serves as Speaker Pro Tempore.

    In addition to his leadership role with the house Democrats, he serves on the Technology, Energy, and Communication Committee, the Appropriations Subcommittee on General Government and Audit Review, and the House Rules Committee.

    Representative Morris graduated as a Toll Fellow from the Council of State Governments Distinguished Leadership Program. He is the CEO of Energy Horizon LLC, where he directs the Pacific Northwest Economic energy resource planning and develops distributive generation energy projects.

    As a leader in the Washington State House, Representative Morris has championed the cause of energy freedom, urging the citizens of Washington to focus on the local possibilities of biofuel crops.

    Here are some progressive candidates who deserve your support...all are endorsed by Progressive Majority

    Helen Price Johnson
    Candidate for Island County Commissioner - District 1 (Challenger)

    Helen Price Johnson, along with her husband, owns and manages a successful small business on Whidbey Island. She was elected to the South Whidbey School Board in 2001, and currently she represents the board on legislative issues at the state and federal level. In 2006 we helped elect Progressive Majority candidate John Dean to the Island County Commission. He is the sole progressive on the three-member commission. John introduced us to Helen in early 2007 as a possible candidate for a future campaign. After meeting with Helen, we knew she would be a great candidate for the Island County Commission. If she wins we will have a progressive majority on the Island County Commission. In the summer of 2007, the four-term conservative District 1 incumbent stepped down from his seat. Subsequently, the Island County Planning Director, Phil Bakke, was appointed to fulfill the last year of his term, and is now seeking election. Bakke has proven to be closely aligned with the conservative Republican majority on the board. We need Helen on the Commission to stop Bakke from getting a solid conservative hold on this seat.

    Click here to support and learn more about Helen.

    Peter Goldmark
    Candidate for Commissioner of Public Lands (Challenger)

    Peter Goldmark has owned and operated his family's Okanogan ranch for more than 30 years. In 2006, Peter ran for Congress. It was a surprisingly competitive race against an entrenched incumbent in WA-5, a very conservative congressional district. Progressive Majority, along with members of our Washington Advisory Council, helped recruit Peter into the race for Commissioner of Public Lands. The Lands Commissioner is Washington state's highest environmental office; the position oversees the state's Department of Natural Resources. The conservative incumbent commissioner, Doug Sutherland, continues to publicly express skepticism regarding the causes and potential impacts of global warming.

    Click here to support and learn more about Peter.

    Pam Brokaw
    Candidate for Clark County Commissioner - District 1 (Open Seat)

    A former newspaper reporter and congressional staffer, Pam Brokaw is the executive director of a non-profit organization that builds sustainable, affordable housing. She is also the former chair of the Clark County Democratic Party. With the help of Progressive Majority, Pam sought office for the first time in 2004, running for the legislature in the conservative 18th district. Although she did not win the seat, Pam ran a strong race and won endorsements from three major area newspapers during the hard-fought campaign. After being recruited by Progressive Majority in early 2007, Pam announced in December her bid for the open commission seat. She has strong support from elected Democratic representatives at the local and state level as well as Progressive Majority 2005 and 2006 candidate Clark County Commissioner Steve Stuart. The commission is currently made up of one progressive, one moderate Democrat and one conservative. The moderate Democrat is retiring, so Pam's election would mean the body will swing to a progressive majority. Clark County is the fastest-growing county in the state, so control of the commission means that critical land-use decisions will be made in favor of the environment instead of big developers. Pam is the sole Democrat in the race and there are currently three conservatives running.

    Click here to support and learn more about Pam.

    Kim Thorburn
    Candidate for Spokane County Commissioner - District 1 (Challenger)

    Dr. Kim Thorburn is currently the Medical Director of Planned Parenthood of the Inland Northwest and is a current or former board member for a number of organizations, including the Washington State Health Board, Spokane Audubon Society, Spokane AIDS Network, the Washington State Medical Association and many others. Before her current job, Kim was the Spokane County health officer, and is well known as a progressive advocate for healthcare in Spokane County. She is running against incumbent Todd Mielke, a very conservative Republican with deep ties to the development community.

    Click here to support and learn more about Kim.

    Fred Walser
    Candidate for State Senate - District 39 (Challenger)
    Sedro-Woolley, Arlington, Darrington, Granite Falls, Monroe

    Fred Walser is a challenger for the Washington State Senate, District 39. Fred is the former City of Sultan Police Chief, chair of the US-2 Safety Coalition and a founding board member of the Washington State Patrol Troopers Association. Fred's roots in the community run deep: he is a former board member of the Snohomish County Federated Health and Safety Network, a former commissioner for the Snohomish County Children's Commission, a Governor-appointed member of the Juvenile Justice Advisory Board and was instrumental in starting the Monroe Boys and Girls Club. Fred is no stranger to politics; his wife, Donnetta, is in her second term as Mayor of Monroe. He is an ideal progressive candidate to square-up against conservative Senator Val Stevens, known for her radical anti-choice and anti-gay rights positions. If Fred can unseat Sen. Stevens, his legislative agenda will include addressing the safety concerns on Highway 2 and increasing transit options. Fred has numerous endorsements, including Sheriff John Lovick, whom Progressive Majority successfully fielded as a candidate for Snohomish County Sheriff in 2007.

    Click here to support and learn more about Fred.

    Tim Knue
    Candidate for State Representative - District 10 (Challenger)
    Mount Vernon, Burlington, Stanwood, La Conner, Whidbey Island, and Camano Island

    Tim Knue is a candidate for the state House of Representatives in the rural swing 10th Legislative District. Tim is a 32-year classroom teacher, Washington Education Association member and former teacher of the year. A graduate of Washington State University, Tim teaches agriculture education at Mount Vernon High School. This is Tim's second campaign for State Representative; he led on Election Day in 2006 before losing narrowly to Rep. Barbara Bailey. This year will be different. Tim sought our help early, and his manager attended the Wellstone Advanced Campaign Management. He is running against a conservative Republican-appointee, Norma Smith. If elected, Tim will be a tireless advocate for family farms, rural communities, and small businesses.

    Click here to support and learn more about Tim.

    Patricia Terry
    Candidate for State Representative - District 10 (Challenger)
    Mount Vernon, Burlington, Stanwood, La Conner, Whidbey Island, and Camano Island

    Patricia Terry is a challenger running for the Washington State House of Representatives in the 10th Legislative District. Patricia has worked for 30 years as a Registered Nurse. Recently, she has worked in healthcare quality improvement and as a health facility evaluator/investigator on behalf of Medicare and Medicaid beneficiaries. From 2004-2006, Patricia served as a board member of the Washington State Association for Healthcare Quality and was the organization's president in 2005. Patricia has worked under collective bargaining contracts with the Oregon Nurse's Association (ONA) in Portland and SEIU 660 in Los Angeles, California. Patricia's husband, Michael Cooney, is a retired member of SEIU 660. As a state representative, Patricia would be a strong union ally, and would use her professional experience in health care as a platform to increase access to care and decrease costs of care for everyone. Patricia and Michael live on Camano Island, Washington. She is running against a conservative Republican, Rep. Barbara Bailey, who nearly lost in 2006 against current Progressive Majority candidate Tim Knue. A first time candidate, Patricia has taken advantage of our training and assistance with preparing a budget and field plan, and our media training.

    Click here to support and learn more about Patricia.

    Marko Liias
    Candidate for State Representative - District 21 (Incumbent)
    Mukilteo, Lynnwood, Edmonds

    Marko Liias is running for his first election to his appointed seat in the House of Representatives, 21st Legislative District. Marko was raised in Everett. He studied international politics at Georgetown University, and is currently seeking a graduate degree at the University of Washington. For four years, Marko operated as a small green builder, constructing homes in South Snohomish County. His business experience and commitment to building a better community were what propelled him into public service. We met Marko at Camp Wellstone in 2005, and successfully fielded him in a race for the Mukilteo City Council.

    After helping elect Rep. Brian Sullivan to the Snohomish County Council in 2007, we watched as Marko recruited Democratic Party activists in a successful bid to secure his appointment to Sullivan's open seat in the suburban, progressive-leaning 21st Legislative District. Marko is one of six openly gay legislators in the State Legislature, and he is also the state's youngest legislator. In his first term in the legislature, he delivered real results to protect consumers, improved Washington state's K-12 education system, and expanded affordable housing. Marko is a champion for Washington families, and he is a leader in fighting for equal treatment for every citizen of our state. An inexperienced Republican, Andrew Funk, has filed to run against him.

    Click here to support and learn more about Marko.

    Larry Seaquist
    Candidate for State Representative - District 26 (Incumbent)
    Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Port Orchard

    A US Navy warship captain and Pentagon strategist, Larry launched a second career helping citizens and political leaders strengthen their communities by pioneering new methods of peace-building and conflict prevention in the Middle East, Central and South Asia, and Latin America. For the past several years Larry has also worked as a writer and lecturer, contributing opinion pieces to the Christian Science Monitor and other newspapers. We helped Larry win his 2006 race for the Washington State House, 26th Legislative District, and this year he is one of the Republicans' top targets. In his first term in the state legislature, Larry introduced numerous pieces of progressive legislation, several of which encourage development of a renewable energy industry and increased access to health care.

    Click here to support and learn more about Larry.

    Liz Loomis
    Candidate for State Representative - District 44 (Incumbent)
    Snohomish, Mill Creek, Everett, Lake Stevens, Marysville

    Liz Loomis was appointed to the state House of Representatives on January 7, 2008, and was elected by fellow lawmakers to the post of Assistant Whip. Liz has been on the Progressive Majority farm Team since 2005, and represents the 44th Legislative District, a suburban swing district in central Snohomish County. As a small business owner, Liz focused on legislation to help companies succeed. During her first session, she authored six passing bills, including a bill that moved forward the idea of commuter rail service, so people living in eastern Snohomish and King Counties could take the train into Seattle for work. Another bill she co-sponsored provided small businesses with access to affordable health care for employees. The Republicans have recruited Mike Hope to run against Liz. Hope has run for the legislature before, has raised over $100,000 in past races and come close to unseating incumbent Democrats.

    Click here to support and learn more about Liz.

    Sandra Romero
    Candidate for Thurston County Commissioner - District 2 (Open Seat)

    Sandra Romero is running for an open seat on the Thurston County Commission. Sandra spent 12 years in the Washington State Legislature representing the area around Washington's capital city, Olympia. There, she was a leader on progressive issues like reproductive choice, healthcare and the environment. In the Legislature, she chaired the House Local Government and State Government Committees. Before her election to the State House, she served as a Democratic Caucus staffer and was a member of the Washington Federation of State Employees, Local 443. Most recently, Sandra worked in Pakistan teaching democratic methods of government. When a seat became open on the Thurston County Commission, Sandra called Progressive Majority. Thurston County is experiencing environmental growing pains as its population rapidly expands and, as a County Commissioner, Sandra will be dedicated to smart growth policies that will protect the region's diverse natural ecosystems.

    Click here to support and learn more about Sandra.

    Bruce Lachney
    Candidate for Pierce County Council - District 3 (Challenger)

    Bruce Lachney is a regular renaissance man; an airline captain with Delta Airlines, union-member (Air Line Pilots Association, Int'l.), and cranberry farmer. He owns Rainier Mountain Cranberries LLC, which produces cranberries for Ocean Spray and local markets. Rainier Mountain Cranberries is also a member of the American Tree Farm System, and is a family tree farm that produces sustainable wood products. Currently, Bruce is an elected director of the Eatonville School District and, in the past, he was a member of the Pierce County Planning Commission. He is running against an incumbent, Roger Bush, who is a very conservative Republican. Most recently, Bush voted against extending health benefits to domestic partners of county employees.

    Click here to support and learn more about Bruce.

    Alternative Energy in Washington:

    Here are a biodiesel cooperatives in Washington State. If you drive a diesel car or truck, check it out.

    Tacoma Biodiesel
    Tacoma, WA
    Check out their website

    Here are some other alternative energy resources in Washington State:

    Alternative Energy Resources in Washington: a short summary of alternative energy resources for Washington. For more information on each technology, visit the State Energy Alternatives Technology Options page.

    Our Wind Co-op is a unique cooperative of small-scale wind turbines on farms, ranches and public and private facilities across the Northwest. Through this collaborative effort, 10-kW turbines were installed at numerous rural sites serviced by publicly-owned utilities.

    Seattle Advocates of Renewable Energy: a group of interested citizens who want to learn more about Renewable Energy and Sustainability. Our goal is to foster discussion, networking, and action on these important issues. We meet on the fourth Thursday of every month from 7 to 9 pm at the First Seattle Presbyterian Church.

    Seattle Peak Oil Awareness (www.seattleoil.com) has been active for 2 1/2 years (it actually started out life as a Meetup.com group)!

    Seattle Peak Oil Awareness is a local citizens action network offering information and practical ideas for living in a time of reduced energy availability. Working in small, focused groups we advocate healthy, sustainable living choices for all interested residents in the Puget Sound region. Read more here.

    And for those who want to mix social and political fun, here are Drinking Liberally groups in Washington:

    Second and Fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Horseshoe Cafe, Ranch Room, 113 E Holly St
    Hosted by Dave Willingham

    Fourth Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Mick Kelly's Irish Pub, 435 SW 152nd St
    Hosted by Cherisse Luxa | Joe Fitzgibbon

    First and Third Monday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Urban Onion in Downtown Olympia -- In the Bar, 116 Legion Way SE (In the Bar--enter on Legion)
    Hosted by Bruce Lund | Barry Piercy

    Every Tuesday of each month, 8:00 pm
    Montlake Ale House, 2307 24th Ave E
    Hosted by Nicholas Beaudrot | Chris Mitchell

    Seattle Eastside
    First and Third Thursday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Angelo's Restaurant, 1830 130th Ave NE
    Hosted by Norman Furlong | Doug Hightower | Rich Erwin

    Newport Hills
    First Monday of each month, 7:30 pm
    Mustard Seed Grill and Pub, 5608 119th Ave SE
    Hosted by Robert Sargent

    Third Monday of each month, 7:00 pm
    El Serape Restaurant, 2503 Olympic Hwy N
    Hosted by Mike Mosbarger | Drew Noble

    Every Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Working Class Heroes Bar & Grill, 1914 North Monroe Street - (509) 327-0448
    Hosted by Andrew Brewer

    Every Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    Hub Restaurant, 203 Tacoma Ave S (in the bar area)
    Hosted by Melissa Thompson | Traci Kelly

    Every Tuesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    O'Callahans - Shilo Inn, 50 Comstock Richland Washington
    Hosted by Jim McCabe | Kendall Miller


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