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  • Friday, September 19, 2008

    MISSISSIPPI FOCUS: Blogs, Ronnie Musgrove, Obama, NAACP, Drinking Liberally


    Cotton Mouth: Life, Politics, and Mississippi.

    Black Political Analysis: Race, Class and Ethnicity in Mississippi

    The Natchez Blog: A place of discussion for people who love Natchez

    Mississippi Headlines and Political Notes

    Some stories of interest:

    Senate race one of the closest in US

    Republican Corruption: Dennis Hastert committed a misdemeanor

    Musgrove attacks opponent's record on veterans issues

    US in 'once-in-a-century' financial crisis : Greenspan (Thanks Republicans. Remember how great the Clinton economy was?)

    Right wing racism rears it's ugly head yet again. The ill-named American Values and Focus on the Family Action Forum (a group which seems unAmerican and displays terrible values) sells "Obama Waffles" with racial stereotype. What is with Republicans? How can they think this kind of adolescent racism is okay?

    And speaking of Republican Racism, here's an article from an Arizona blog that is apropos: McCain and the Race Card - The Corporate Media's Role. And let's remember McCain opposed the Martin Luther King, jr. holiday. For those who want to read more about Republican racism, I've discussed it here (from before Obama won the primary), and it is covered in Drew Westin's book The Political Brain with some pretty nasty examples.

    VoteVets.org target Ronnnie Musgrove:

    Children of Katrina

    Next let me introduce Ronnie Musgrove, running for Senate in Mississippi and doing a damned good job of worrying the Republicans:

    If you can volunteer for Ronnie, please go here.

    Here are some Obama groups in Mississippi:

    Mississippi for Obama: Statewide

    Mississippi Gulf Coast Obama Supporters: Ocean Springs

    Ole Miss for Obama: Oxford

    Southern Miss for Obama: Hattiesburg

    Northern Mississippi for Obama 2008

    Mississippi State University for Obama

    Mississippi NAACP: Here are local branches of the NAACP

    University of Southern Mississippi Branch
    Address: 118 College Drive Box 8827, Hattiesburg, MS 39406-8827
    Web Site: www.usm.edu/naacp
    All general meetings are scheduled at 7:00 pm Wednesday nights in the Union. For detailed schedule of meeting dates and locations e-mail us at naacp_at_usm.edu.

    Forrest County Branch
    Address: P.O. Box 1011, Hattiesburg, MS 39403

    Jackson-Hinds Youth Council Branch
    Phone: (601)899-8976
    Address: 5706 Gladewood Drive, Jackson, MS 39211

    Leake County Mississippi Branch
    Phone: (601)267-9639
    Address: 3830 Hwy. 35, North Carthage, MS 39051

    For those who like mixing their politics with mixed drinks, here's Drinking Liberally in Mississippi:

    o Second Thursday of each month, 5:30 pm
    o Keg & Barrel, 1315 Hardy Street
    o Hosted by Niki Pace | Ryan Schilling | Richlain Robinson

    o Last Wednesday of each month, 6:00 pm
    o Hal and Mals, 200 Commerce St
    o Hosted by Drew McDowell

    o Second Wednesday of each month, 7:00 pm
    o Bobby J's, 727 Franklin St
    o Hosted by Casey Ann Hughes


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