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  • Friday, October 28, 2011

    Tennessee Focus: Republicans disenfranchise elderly voters

    This comes from Daily Kos:

    Remember the story of Dorothy Cooper, the 96-year-old Tennessee woman who's only missed one election in her life, but now can't get an ID that would allow her to vote? Tennessee recently passed a new law to keep people like Cooper from voting, requiring often difficult to obtain photo IDs. Cooper couldn't get hers because she doesn't have a marriage certificate, despite having "a rent receipt, a copy of her lease, her voter registration card and her birth certificate."

    Now she's joined by 91-year-old Virginia Lasater, also in Tennessee, who wasn't physically able to stand in line at the DMV to receive her ID...

    Mrs. Lasater says she knows what's behind this: "'It really makes me about halfway mad because I know what's going on,' says Mrs. Lasater. She's 'absolutely' sure the law is part of a Republican strategy to keep senior citizens from voting."

    Republicans hate democracy. Republicans hate seniors. Republicans seem to hate America! I still miss the days when there was a RESPONSIBLE, reasonable Republican Party that I disagreed with, but at least respected. The current batch of clowns don't care for America at all. They only care about their bank accounts and their cronies.



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