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  • Sunday, May 15, 2011

    Arizona Focus: Arizona AFL-CIO Stands up to Republican Thug

    This comes from the Arizona AFL-CIO:

    A Laughing Matter? Pearce Launches Veiled Threat Against Workers Who Rally for Their Rights

    For Immediate Release: May 11, 2011
    Contact: Wylie Timmerman (480) 384-0305

    Phoenix, AZ – On Tuesday, Senate President Russell Pearce told corporate CEOs at a Greater Phoenix Chamber of Commerce legislative wrap-up what would happen if workers made public demonstrations like those in Wisconsin: “I’ve spoken with the sheriff, and he has some nice buses that hold a lot of people. We’ve also got some tents with a view.”

    “Some jokes aren’t funny,” said Rebekah Friend, Executive Director of the Arizona AFL-CIO, in response to Sen. Pearce’s comments. “Because he has come under scrutiny for his part in the Fiesta Bowl scandal, lost the support of mainstream Arizonans, and is on the verge of being recalled, Senator Pearce is scrambling for support. Now he’s trying to score cheap political points with corporate CEOs by taking a swipe at working people.”

    “In all seriousness, I find it deeply chilling that an elected official finds it funny to discuss jailing a group of people expressing their First Amendment rights,” continued Friend. “Suggesting a police crackdown before a rally has even occurred is just more of the same intimidation, threats and innuendo we’ve come to expect from Senator Pearce and his crony Arpaio.” Sen. Pearce’s comments were originally reported in the Yellow Sheet Report on May 10th (subscription required).

    Friend vowed that workers, acting together through their unions, would continue to use the strength of their numbers to fight for better wages and benefits, job security and safer work places for all Arizonans.

    The Arizona AFL-CIO is a voluntary federation of labor unions in the State of Arizona, representing affiliates with over 185,000 members. To learn more, visit azaflcio.org

    Why do Republicans hate America's workers and middle class? Why do they hate firefighters, nurses, cops and teachers? They give tax breaks to the Billionaire Koch Brothers of NYC but attack and threaten to lock up America's firefighters, nurses, cops and teachers. Personally I will stand by America's workers and middle class over the Republican/Teabagger Billionaire Koch brothers.


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