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  • Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Wisconsin Focus: Marla Stephens announces for Wisconsin Supreme Court

    Marla Stephens, the Assistant Public Defender for the State of Wisconsin, has announced her candidacy for Wisconsin Supreme Court against right wing incumbent Prosser:

    I’m writing to you as a newly declared candidate for the Wisconsin Supreme Court because I know we both care deeply about whether we have a Judiciary that is fair, impartial and works for the people of Wisconsin. I’ve decided to challenge Justice Prosser in his campaign for re-election to the bench to ensure that we have a Justice who reflects our values - not those of the special interests.

    This Supreme Court election is so important. Perhaps you, like me, are tired of the ethics complaints and the increasing amounts of money spent to win a seat on the court. It’s time we had a Supreme Court that we can respect, and that we can trust. Prosser had a chance to make a difference, by putting limits on money in campaigns, and by taking the ethics complaints seriously, but he didn’t do anything. There will be no check on the executive and legislative branches of government if Prosser remains on the court.

    I can win this race, with the support of folks like you. I intend to aggressively campaign throughout the state, with county chairs in every county. I already have a field director running a grassroots fundraising operation that is necessary to qualify for public financing under the new Supreme Court Democracy Fund and help us obtain the resources we need to run.

    I have spent my whole life representing people, defending the rights of individuals, and trying to make the court system work for everyone. I have argued cases in the trial courts and the appeals courts, and I understand the work of the Supreme Court. This is a rare opportunity to add a new voice and a new perspective to the court.

    My campaign staff will be contacting you over the next few weeks to let you know what you can do. And you can always contact my staff or me by emailing info@stephensforjustice.com. I would be honored to have your help and look forward to working with you to ensure that the Supreme Court protects liberty and justice for all.

    Stephen's website is still under construction, but hopefully she will have it fully up and running soon. Looking over the incumbent's record, I don't like his ties to Tommy Thompson, who has been accused of politicizing science (as a scientist I resent this) and making borderline anti-Semitic remarks on more than one occasion.

    Prosser also has a record of being soft on pedophiles as a prosecutor, something which is pretty much a deal breaker for me. I'd like to think Wisconsin can do better.

    Other candidates are likely to come forward in this race, so I am not yet endorsing and may not endorse at all. But so far I find Marla Stephens a much better choice than David Prossner.


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