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  • Friday, August 06, 2010

    Minnesota Focus: Tarryl Clark for Congress (MN-6)

    Tarryl Clark is running against right wing extremist Michelle Bachmann. Michelle Bachmann is one of the craziest members of Congress and an avowed Teabagger, while Tarryl Clark is a smart, progressive State Senator who would be an excellent addition to Congress.

    Tarryl Clark has led the fight to stop unfair insurance practices against American Veterans. In return for her support for Veterans, Tarryl Clark has been endorsed by Veterans and Military Families for Progress (a national organization dedicated to protecting the rights and needs of veterans, active-duty service members and their families).

    Tarryl Clark has also been endorsed by the Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association:

    The MPPOA release said the group represents 8,500 police officers throughout the state:

    "[Clark] is dedicated to working with and advocating for Minnesota's law enforcement officers in Congress, just as she has in the state Senate," Executive Director Dennis Flaherty said...

    Clark's brother-in-law is a veteran Arizona police officer with SWAT experience, the release said.

    While Clark supports our troops and our cops, Michelle Bachmann has been one of the number one defenders of BP:

    You can find out more about Bachmann's craziness (often in her own words on video) from: Michelle Bachman Said What???

    Here is Tarryl Clark explaining her reasons for running:

    Michelle Bachmanm: crazy right wing teabagger. Tarryl Clark: supports our troops, supports our cops, and supports responsible government. I think the choice is clear. You can find out more about Tarryl Clark from her website.


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