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  • Friday, July 30, 2010

    Virginia 7th Congressional District Focus: RIck Waugh for Congress

    Rick Waugh is the Democratic candidate running against Republican Eric Cantor. Eric Cantor, perhaps most infamously, was one of 92 Republicans who actually voted to protect rapists rather than improve law enforcement's ability to bring them to justice. Among many dispicable acts that Eric Cantor has done, this may well be the lowest. But Eric Cantor was also tied to the infamous Jack Abramoff scandals. He also seems to have recently made investments that are banking on America collapsing. Not really a patriotic thing to do, is it?

    Rick Waugh is the Democratic nominee to take on corrupt and unpatriotic Eric Cantor. From Rick's website:

    I was brought up in a military household. My dad spent 20 years in the Navy, and when I was growing up, we would move from base to base every three years or so. Eventually, my family settled down in Virginia, and I have made Virginia my home for the past 24 years. I went to high school and college here. I opened a small business here. I met my wife Bobbi here, where she and I are raising her children from a previous marriage; I love them as my own, and they light up my life. Our two daughters are preparing for college, and our son is proudly serving our country in the Army. We are grateful that he returned safely this past year from Iraq...

    I have made my career here as a counselor, working with families and youth throughout the district. I have also worked with veterans, our disabled folks, and our older population. My job is to look for those who have fallen through the cracks in our society and help them pull themselves back up. I have worked with families facing financial stresses, and with families struggling with inadequate health care, and with families that have lost their homes due to the financial crisis. When I was a kid and moving with my family from base to base and school to school, I started to fall through the cracks in the education system myself. Luckily, my parents caught on. They helped me find ways to work through my weaknesses, focus on my strengths, and get through high school. When it was time to apply for college, they helped me figure out how to get loans to pay for it. Though I am still paying on my loans, I can’t imagine having done it without them. Whether I was protecting children from abuse or neglect, taking care of those who handed us a safe and secure country, or helping families through economic hardships, I consider every waking moment a moment that I can spend helping others.

    Why Rick Waugh is running:

    While corporate welfare seems to be alive and well on Wall Street, Main Street has been left high and dry. For the past decade, Eric Cantor has been at the forefront of our economic demise, education decline, foreign oil dependence, and pandering toward big corporate money.

    I will help bring an end to jobs moving overseas or out of our District. It is time for our education system to stop leaving children behind. We need real campaign finance reform to government so that politicians can no longer profit from representing the "too big to fail" corporations.

    It is time to stop apologizing to companies like BP, and start apologizing to us folks on Main Street! Eric Cantor supported TARP under Bush, and saw to it that his wife's bank got federal bailout money. Yet he has the audacity to put the blame of the "other" party. It is time to stop focusing on who is of what party, and focus on solving problems while making ALL politicians accountable to the people - no matter the party!

    If we want to clean up Congress, getting rid of Eric Cantor would be a great place to start. And you can help.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Cantor must go!

    9:16 PM  
    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    Why is Cantor allowed to put his signs on the courthouse lawn. We
    took pictures of them on Sunday. Is
    he arrogant or what?

    10:14 PM  

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