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  • Friday, July 30, 2010

    Florida Focus: Florida CFO Alex Sink Stands with Small Businesses and Florida Realtors during Lost-Income Claims Process

    From CFO Alex Sink's eViews Newsletter:

    Florida CFO Alex Sink met with Kenneth Feinberg, the independent administrator of the BP Deepwater Horizon Disaster Victim Compensation Fund, this week about the lost-income claimsDeepwater Horizon Oil Spill Resources process for small businesses and real estate professionals.

    “Florida's small business people, entrepreneurs and Realtors are the heart of our economy, and they deserve to be compensated swiftly for lost income,” said CFO Alex Sink. “The Gulf region is suffering a variety of consequences from the oil spill – including diminished property values. And during our all-important summer season, cancelled contracts and rentals are having a devastating effect on North Florida's residents and small businesses."

    CFO Sink urged Ken Feinberg to make sure they are all treated fairly during the claims process

    Alex Sink also has a Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Resources Page for people who have been affected by BP's disaster. It includes a Summary of the Federal Administration's Proposed Oil Spill Legislation. Just as importantly it has a Deepwater Horizon Financial Accountability page:

    The Deepwater Horizon Financial Accountability web page allows Floridians to see in a transparent and accountable fashion how the grant money received from BP is being spent to protect our state. It also keeps a running tab of state government expenses so that we can file with BP to reimburse Florida's taxpayers for oil spill-related costs.

    Earlier press releases from Alex Sink on the BP disaster:

    CFO Alex Sink Calls on Feinberg to Clarify Claims Process (7/21/2010)

    CFO Alex Sink Calls on Enterprise Florida to Lead NW FL Economic Recovery (7/21/2010)

    I will add one thing that Alex Sink is unlikely to focus on: boycotting BP. As I have written about before, we as consumers have the choice of supporting irresponsible, corrupt companies like BP and Exxon/Mobil that screw us over at every chance, or we can support more responsible companies. For oil companies here is a resource (PD) outlining the better and worse gas stations in terms of corporate responsibility. Here is a summary of their findings: (the PDF link has considerable detail for each company)


    Flying J



    I believe in avoiding irresponsible, corrupt companies and patronizing better companies. I like my money to go to comnpanies I can trust when possible.


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