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  • Friday, July 30, 2010

    Arizona Focus: An "unprecedented slate of highly qualified Indian candidates for office in Arizona"

    This comes from the Indigenous Democratic Network (INDN's List), an organization that helps Native American Democrats run for office:

    INDN's List is proud to announce our endorsement of an unprecedented slate of highly qualified Indian candidates for office in Arizona. This election, more than any other, it is vital the Indian voice be heard in elected office in Arizona. A recent law passed this year allows police to racially profile American Indians, and others, because they "look like illegal aliens." This radical law directly impacts the Indian communities in Arizona and we need strong Indian voices to stand up for ALL of our civil rights. Luckily, we have the best slate of Indian candidates Arizona has ever seen, including the chance to elect the first Indian statewide.

    We need your donation to help us fund these amazing candidates! Every contribution helps us provide the funding these American Indian candidates need to win their elections.

    Secretary of State

    INDN's List is so excited to join the Arizona Republic in endorsing Chris Deschene for Secretary of State. Chris Deschene attended our "From the Table to the Ticket" training in 2006 where he impressed all of our staff and as well as Congressman Mike Honda (D-CA), the Vice Chair of the DNC, who is also supporting Chris. He has served in the State House with distinction and is ready to bring his experience to the Secretary of State’s office.

    Chris Deschene was inspired to service by his grandfather, who served as a Navajo Codetalker during World War 2. Chris followed in his grandfather’s footsteps and dedicated his life to serving his country. He attended the US Naval Academy and served two tours of duty overseas in the Marine Corps, ultimately serving as the Executive Officer for a reconnaissance team of 160 Marines.

    Upon completing his military service, Chris returned to Arizona and simultaneously earned a law degree and a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with an emphasis in renewable and alternative energy development. He also has been a member of the United Steelworkers Union and knows the importance of standing up for working Americans.

    Chris is running a hotly contested primary for Secretary of State, and, if victorious, would be the first American Indian to hold statewide office in Arizona.

    Please visit Chris's website and learn more about his campaign.

    State Senate

    INDN's List is thrilled to endorse Jack Jackson, Jr. for State Senate in the Second Legislative District. Jack has spent his entire career fighting for Indian rights, including representing the Navajo Nation for 12 years in Washington, DC. He then moved on to the National Indian Education Association, where he represented the educational concerns of over 3,000 American Indian and Alaskan Native educators, school administrators, parents and students. During the Fiscal Year 1996 budget negotiations, he worked tirelessly with tribal leadership to reinstate full funding of $81 million to the Office of Indian Education in the Department of Education.

    In 1997, Jack became the Director of Governmental Affairs for the National Congress of American Indians (NCAI), the oldest, largest and most representative Indian advocacy organization in the nation for over 250 tribal governments. His main responsibility was overseeing legislative and appropriation measures before the United States Congress affecting Indian Country.

    While at NCAI, Jack helped create a strong and credible Native influence at the national, state and local levels. He assisted in the design of a comprehensive government-to-government strategy, which resulted in three unprecedented Executive Orders issued by President Clinton and several Presidential Memorandums and Directives relevant to the needs and concerns of Indian Country. These actions protected Native American sacred sites and required appropriate consultation with tribal governments.

    From 2003 to 2005, Jack served in the 46th Arizona State Legislature in the House of Representatives. In 2005, Jack was appointed by Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano as the Executive Director of the Arizona Commission of Indian Affairs (ACIA). His main duty was to ensure that the Commission provided assistance to the State of Arizona in fulfilling its responsibilities to Arizona’s 22 Indian Nations and Tribes by making recommendations to the Governor and the Legislature. He conferred and coordinated with officials and agencies of other governmental units regarding Indian issues, and worked to provide improved relationships and a greater understanding between tribal governments and the State.

    Please visit Jack's website to learn more about his positions and how you can help him win this vital election.

    State House

    INDN's List is delighted to endorse Albert Hale and Albert Tom for State House District 2. In Arizona, voters select two State House candidates to represent their district in the legislature. These two Navajo candidates have each served in the state legislature in the past with distinction and are the best choices to represent the Indian voice in the State House this next legislative cycle.


    Kalyn Free

    President, INDN's List

    * "Thank You," in Choctaw.


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