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  • Friday, July 16, 2010

    Building of Renewable Energy Outstrips Fossil Fuel in 2009

    If trends continue (and that is up to you and me as consumers buying green energy as much as it is up to government policies) 2009 may be a true turning point in energy production. For the first time since fossil fuels became the dominant source of energy for human civilization, the building of new renewable energy production has outstripped the building of new fossil fuel production. From BBC News:

    The building of new renewable energy sources continued to outstrip new fossil fuel power plants in Europe and the US during 2009, a report has shown.

    The UN-backed study said renewables accounted for 60% of new electricity generation capacity in Europe.

    And in the US, green electricity accounted for more than half of the generation capacity built last year.

    The authors added that renewables were set to outpace conventional energy sources across the globe next year...

    One of the forces propelling the sector's strong showing, they added, was the "potential to create new industries and millions of new jobs".

    The findings also showed that emerging economies were also embracing the new technologies, especially China, which added 37 gigawatts (GW) of renewable power capacity last year - more than any other nation in the world.

    Governments around the world are trying to boost green energy, partly as a job creation program, partly to decrease dependence on foreign energy sources, and partly as genuine environmental policy. Obama, with all three of these in mind, recently proposed a massive stimulus package for solar energy in America. I have also been writing extensively about choices you and I can make that put pressure on utilities to build and purchase green energy. If consumers aren't actively involved by creating demand, there will be only inconsistent demand for change. I will continue to highlight in this newsletter alternative energy and encourage you to get involved. Or you can find out more about buying green energy by clicking here, then clicking on your state to see what programs are available. We can be a part of a genuine, positive turning point in the world's energy consumption patterns.


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