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  • Friday, July 16, 2010

    Arizona policeman challenges new state immigration law

    Another Arizona law enforcement officer is refusing to enforce the un-Constitutional, anti-immigrant Arizona Hate Law. From BBC News:

    An Arizona policeman has asked a federal court to overturn a state immigration law he says will force him to use racial profiling.

    The law requires police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect the person is in the US illegally and if they have stopped them for a legitimate reason.

    Officer David Salgado says the law would force him to break federal laws...

    Mr Salgado, a Phoenix police officer, said he did not intend to question people he stops about their immigration status because he believes he does not have the legal authority to do so, the Arizona Daily Star reports.

    Salgado joins an Arizona Sheriff who also thinks the law is wrong:

    Seriously. The Arizona Hate Law just makes Arizona look like a wannabe Banana Republic where law enforcement can stop you and ask for your papers.


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