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  • Friday, July 16, 2010

    Tell Chuck Grassley to support Iowans -- not his big business donors!

    Iowa Republican Chuck Grassley has repeatedly sided with the big banks, big oil and big business against regular middle class and working class Americans. It is time the voters call him on it. This action alert comes from Roxanne Conlin's campaign site:

    Tell Chuck Grassley to support Iowans -- not his big business donors!

    Chuck Grassley voted 5 times to give big companies tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas, but he voted against extending unemployment benefits to 60,000 Iowans, many of whom lost their jobs as a result of the failed economic policies he championed.

    Who does Grassley work for in Washington? He’s made it clear -- five times.

    Even worse, Grassley’s vote will cost the Iowa state budget $121 million in lost funding for Medicaid.

    Sign on here to tell Chuck Grassley to stop blocking these critical benefits for Iowa families!

    We need good, solid, American jobs. Instead Republican Grassley opposes helping the 60,000 Iowans still out of work while he supports tax breaks for big business and the richest of Americans. We don't need more Republicans who only care about the wealthy and sacrifice American farmers and workers so the richest can get more tax breaks. Tell Grassley how you feel and suppot Roxanne Conlin for Iowa's future.


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