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  • Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Alex Sink for Florida Governor

    Florida Chief Financial Officer Alex Sink is running for Governor of Florida. The latest polls indicate the race is a dead heat. And Alex Sink has so far maintained a fundraising lead over right wing extremist Republican Bill McCollum.

    Here is the latest video from Alex Sink's campaign:

    Alex Sink has been endorsed by the Florida Professional Firefighters:

    "Florida's firefighters are proud to endorse Alex Sink as Florida's next governor," said FPF President Bob Carver. "Alex Sink has worked with firefighters to make Florida a safer place to work and live. She understands what law enforcement needs to keep the people of Florida safe, and she is the leader we need to face our current challenges...

    "It takes courage to answer the call to be a firefighter, and it has been an honor to work with these heroes," said Alex Sink. "These brave men and women selflessly put their lives at risk every day to protect Floridians around the state, and I'm proud and humbled to have earned their support."

    Alex Sink has been endorsed by the Florida AFL-CIO:

    “Today I have the incredible honor of endorsing Alex Sink in her campaign to serve the people of Florida as our next governor following the unanimous vote of our endorsing committee made up of representatives from all facets of Florida’s labor movement. As a businesswoman with three decades of experience and as a working mother, Alex Sink understands the struggles facing Florida’s working families. Our working families, who I am privileged to represent, are desperate for real change in Tallahassee and they are firmly convinced that Alex Sink has the strength, intelligence, experience and compassion to be the agent of that change. The responses of our legislative leaders to Florida’s current economic crisis make it abundantly clear that the people of Florida can no longer rely on Tallahassee’s entrenched power brokers to provide the real leadership we need to safely navigate these troubled times. When they intentionally give-up a half a billion federal dollars to help our unemployed workers and their families put food on the table, it is clear that we need a change. When party leaders abuse the public trust and use the people’s legislature for their own enrichment, it is clear that we need a change. We can’t look at our current financial woes as simply the result of markets that act like forces of nature, out of our control. Florida’s social service infrastructure is falling apart due to ten years of bad policies, policies that can be changed if we elect leaders with the foresight and courage to stand up to the special interests and do what is right for all of Florida’s residents. We have watched Alex Sink prove herself to be such a leader during her tenure as the Chief Financial Officer and we are prepared to do everything in our power to ensure that she can continue her excellent work on behalf of the people of Florida as our next Governor. Over the next 17 months, Alex will be able to count on tens of thousands of dedicated union members from all walks of life to carry her powerful message of change throughout all of Florida’s communities as we embark on what promises to be our most vigorous and best organized state wide campaign in recent memory.”

    Former Florida Governor and US Senator Bob Graham has endorsed Alex Sink:

    For far too long now, we have had to tolerate a state government that puts politics ahead of the real needs of Floridians and their families. In her short time in state government, it is evident that Alex knows that such a government cannot put the best interests of everyday Floridians first.

    In just a short period of time, Alex has already cut wasteful spending, cracked down on financial fraud and scams, reformed government contracting and provided our state with a fresh approach to solving problems and restoring Florida’s economy.

    During these unique and challenging times, there is no doubt in my mind that Florida needs new and different leadership. With her impeccable integrity, strong character, outstanding leadership skills, and years of hard work and business experience, I can think of no one better prepared to lead Florida than Alex Sink.

    The Florida Education Association has endorsed Alex Sink:

    FEA President Andy Ford said that Sink, the current chief financial officer for the state, has the background, expertise and passion to lead Florida through this period of economic challenges.

    “Alex Sink understands the toll the faltering economy is taking on Florida’s families and on its public schools,” Ford said. “She has been a terrific mom to two children who attended public schools. She has been a successful business leader and community champion. She understands that financially bolstering our public schools, colleges and universities is a wise investment in the future of this state and, more importantly, in our children...

    "Alex Sink has worked on behalf of children and public education for decades, including her service on Governor Chiles’ Commission on Education, the Hillsborough Education Foundation board of directors and as chair of Take Stock in Children," Ford said.

    "We are truly lucky to have a professional of Alex Sink's caliber willing to serve the people of Florida. We need more than just another politician in these challenging times," Ford said.

    Find out more about Alex Sink here.

    And you can volunteer for Alex's campaign here.


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