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  • Thursday, November 19, 2009

    Iowa Senate Focus: Roxanne Conlin for Senate

    Republican Senator Chuck Grassley has a 2010 challenger. Here is an announcement from Iowa:

    Together, I know we can take on the Washington special interests and fight for a voice that gives relief to Main Street, not Wall Street. Help small business grow, instead of shipping jobs overseas.

    We have the most educated, skilled workforce right here in Iowa, ready to get this economy back on track -- preserving the jobs we
    have while also creating new ones with a renewable energy revolution.

    It's an uphill battle, but with your support and help, I know we can do it -- together!

    Please visit our website, www.roxanneforiowa.com, to watch our campaign launch video and feel free share it with your friends and family.

    I am going to need your help in order to take our fight to Washington and represent the voice of Iowans. You can visit our website for volunteer opportunities and to make contributions to the campaign.

    Thank you.

    Your Friend,


    To find out more about Roxanne, go here.

    To volunteer, go here.

    To contribute, go here. Or donate to the IA Senate general fund which will support which ever Democrat becomes the candidate. (NOTE: there may be a primary and this diary is not intended to be an endorsement of one Democrat over any other.)


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