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  • Thursday, July 23, 2009

    Arizona Focus: NAVAJO GREEN JOBS

    This is something I got from a link on the Black Mesa website. I have been covering the Black Mesa issue recently, but I am switching to covering Navajo Green Jobs for a bit. For the Black Mesa issue, please go to my previous diaries.

    From Navajo Green Jobs:

    Green Jobs are well-paid jobs created by sustainable businesses and/or industries that are low or non-polluting. Green Jobs respect traditional Diné culture and Mother Earth.

    Navajo Green Jobs mean:

    * Fair Wages, Navajo Economic Self-sufficiency, and a transition to a sustainable economy!
    * Opportunity for families, Chapters & individuals to establish local green businesses!
    * More jobs for youth, students, veterans, fathers, & mothers to work close to home on the Navajo Nation!

    Navajo Green Jobs Funding would support:

    * Small & large scale renewable energy jobs
    * Green Manufacturing – renewable energy, textile mill (wool),
    * Energy Efficiency projects – weatherizing housing, green construction, sustainable water projects
    * Local sustainable business ventures/retail: weavers coop, and green construction firm
    * Sustainable Agricultural – Farmers' Markets, traditional/organic grown products - Corn, Certified butcher/meat locker
    * Green Job Training programs – workforce development, green contractors, public service projects (incarcerated people, students, volunteers, internships, veterans)
    * Green Job Management support – Dine College program, fellowship opportunities

    What is the "Navajo Green Economy Plan"?

    This plan would establish a "Navajo Green Economy Fund" that would generate hundreds of green jobs across the Navajo Nation and support COMMUNITY lead "Green Economy" initiatives. With millions of federal dollars ready to go out to the rest of the country to support "Green Jobs", the Navajo Nation must be prepared to support local, community owned and operated Green Job Initiatives! This program would not only establish a fund it would establish a program of trained support staff in each agency to help you and your community come up with "green job" plans! And last but not least a broad and diverse “Navajo Green Economy Commission” would be established to oversee this fund through an open and clear process.

    An Online Petition is now available

    For More Information on how you can get involved contact
    Black Mesa Water Coalition staff at:
    Phone: (928) 213-5909
    e-mail: blackmesawc_at_gmail.com
    Address: PO Box 613 Flagstaff, AZ 86002

    *The Navajo Green Economy Coalition is a group of concerned Navajo citizens & non-profit organizations, which include:

    Black Mesa Water Coalition | DineCARE | New Energy Economy| 1Sky NM
    New Mexico Youth Organize | Grand Canyon Trust | Green Jobs Now


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