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  • Thursday, July 16, 2009

    Better to Invest Now than Risk Disaster Later

    The Detroit Free Press recently had a great article on global warming and the recent Climate Bill. Some excerpts:

    For a price that reaches about $14.50 per month per household by 2020, it certainly seems worthwhile to insure against being damned by future generations.

    Even in the unlikely event that the scientific consensus about global warming emissions were to prove wildly wrong, there still would be honor in having taken action to protect as yet unknown offspring. And even if the first U.S. plan to ratchet back on global warming gases looks sadly weak, it nonetheless marks a commitment that Americans have dodged until now...

    But the U.S. House-passed bill is a start, and the Senate needs to follow through. Having a framework in place allows the United States at least to hold up its head among other nations, especially in front of fast-developing countries such as China and India. Those nations' ability -- and motivation -- to control global-warming gases may well have the most impact on whether the worst climate-change scenarios play out.

    A framework for controlling carbon dioxide emissions also gives the United States a structure that Congress can tighten or ease as the country learns more and, with luck, makes major technological strides. Every journey begins with that first step. Americans must not be afraid to take it.

    The Climate Bill of course does not go far enough in the eyes of most scientists studying global warming. It is too little almost too late...but it is a start. We need more government action and more private action. In most of my state focus pages I highlight some combination of alternative energy groups and programs, biodiesel stations, food co-ops and sustainable living programs. Getting involved in one or more of these can help you become a part of the solution.

    Of course you can save money as well as energy by having an energy audit, buying compact fluorescent bulbs, buying energy star appliances, buying or renting hybrid cars or biodiesel cars.

    You can also Contact your energy company if you don't find from my state focus pages how to do this in your state. Or use this site to find what is available to you in terms of purchasing renewable energy. It could be one of the most important things you ever do for the future.

    You can also offset your carbon use (partly or completely...every bit helps) through any of the following excellent programs:

    Native Energy

    Carbon Fund

    Trees, Water, People

    I have also invested in alternative energy companies (and even made money doing so even in these bad economic times) like Sunpower and Western Wind Energy.

    Our government has taken the first tenative step. Let's hope they continue. But we also have to take steps as individuals. Between our government's tentative steps and our own individual tenatative steps, maybe we can do what it takes to mitigate global warming.


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