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  • Thursday, March 19, 2009

    Georgia Food Co-ops

    It took nearly 7 years living within a few blocks of one of the biggest food co-ops in America before Joy and I joined it. We were definitely reluctant. But, in the end the lack of good produce and the decline of our local supermarkets led to us joining. And the result is a slighly more inconvenient shopping trip each week, but much healthier, higher quality and cheaper food. I recommend joining a co-op if there is one nearby. You will save money and eat healthier. Here are some food co-ops in Georgia:

    Daily Groceries Food Co-op
    523 Prince Ave
    Athens, Georgia 30601
    Phone: (706) 548-1732
    FAX: (706) 548-9877

    For over fifteen years, Daily Groceries Co-op has been an Athens staple for shoppers looking to buy high-quality, organic groceries, produce, supplements and more. We are a friendly community-oriented store conveniently located on Prince Avenue, featuring vegetarian and vegan products, deli items, and organic and local produce. Daily serves the general public in addition to its membership. Please pay us a visit and join in on the healthy spirit.

    At Daily we have two types of memberships: Working Memberships and Investor Memberships.

    Working members contribute hours of service in order to receive the benefits of membership. After an initial investment of four hours of work, you can earn up to a 20% discount on purchases by working 4 hours a week. Discounts are generally assessed at a 5% per hour worked per week; however, some jobs are assessed differently. At Daily Groceries, these duties can range from cleaning, stocking, cashiering, and other miscellaneous tasks, to serving n a committee. Have a special skill? Let us know!

    Investor members contribute $50 annually for a 5% discount on purchases, after an initial investment of $50 (this is a one-time fee).

    Sevananda Food Co-op
    467 Moreland Ave NE
    Atlanta, Georgia 30307
    Phone: (404) 681-2831
    FAX: (404) 577-3940

    Everyone Can Shop, Anyone Can Join!

    We are one of the Southeast‘s largest consumer-owned cooperatives providing fresh, local and organic produce, natural foods, vitamins and supplements, a large selection of bulk herbs and spices, earth-friendly household and pet products and freshly prepared foods including nutritious baked goods, soups, sandwiches, entrees and salads.

    Located in Little 5 Points, near Downtown Atlanta, we offer shoppers and member/owners a variety of health and nutrition classes for healthy living.

    Sevananda Natural Foods Market is the only natural foods market that contributes back to the energy grid. We have 24 solar panels installed on the roof of our building that provide an annual reduction of 5% in our energy consumption. That might not sound like a lot, however, for a 29,000 square foot facility; we believe any decrease in impact is positive.

    They also have a small list of community events.

    Higher Ground
    2555 J Warren Road
    Cornelia, Georgia 30531
    Phone: (706) 776-3488

    I have no further info on this one. If anyone out there does, please let me know.

    Life Grocery Natural Food Co-op & Café
    1453 Roswell Road
    Marietta, Georgia 30062
    Phone: (770) 977-9583
    FAX: (770) 977-9456

    What gives Life Grocery Co-op its penchant for progress is its ability to reach out to the community in a variety of ways. Life Grocery is dedicated to serving the community person by person.


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