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  • Friday, September 19, 2008

    Joining the Green Economy

    As one part of our economy crumbles due to the failures of Republican policies, there is one aspect of our economy that has been doing better than most areas and which has HUGE growth potential. This comes from the Center for American Progress Action Fund:

    Simultaneous actions around the country will advocate for "Green Collar Jobs" initiatives
    Aug 08, 2008

    OAKLAND, CA – Green For All, 1Sky, and the We Campaign announced today that September 27th, 2008 will be a national day of service and action. The theme is “Green Jobs Now.” On that day, tens of thousands of people will stage hundreds of grassroots events throughout the country. People from all walks of life will demonstrate to the next President, to Congress, and to the nation that we are ready to build an inclusive green economy, strong enough to lift people out of poverty and curb global warming.


    The National Day of Action brings together diverse groups and individuals to urge our government to make an even greater investment in green jobs and clean energy. The events are spotlighting low-income communities and communities of color. These two groups would be hardest hit by a climate catastrophe. But they have the most to gain in the green jobs/climate change conversation.

    “Green Jobs Now is happening the day after the first Presidential Debate,” said Josh Lynch, Organizer for the Green Jobs Now Day of Action. “People all over the country are planning teach-ins, block parties, service events, and celebratory rallies for September 27th. The events will show the diversity that is America, but everyone will have the same message for Obama and McCain: Green Jobs Now.”

    Find out more, find an existing event or start your own event here.


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