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  • Friday, January 28, 2011

    Iowa Focus: Republicans cut preschools and give the money to the rich

    For decades I have seen studies that show that the best way to reduce poverty and crime is better education. Of course jobs help too, but increased funding to education correlates very well with reduced poverty and crime. In fact education funding is one of those investments that has been shown to save money in the long run due to reduced poverty and crime. And yet this is something that Republicans have never, NEVER seemed to understand.

    Another thing Republicans also seem to never understand is that trickle down economics never works. Tax breaks for big corporations help only the very rich with only minimal improvement for the rest of us.

    In Iowa, Republicans are cutting preschool funding while also cutting taxes on the big business. Basically they are hurting education in Iowa, making the state less competitive, and giving the money to the rich.

    From the Des Moines Register:

    owans are drawing battle lines over whether taxpayers should cover preschool for all 4-year-olds or just those from low-income families.

    Numerous studies, including some published by the Institute for Education Leadership in Washington, D.C., link quality early education programs to fewer dropouts and less need for special education services...

    Republicans want to replace universal preschool with vouchers for needy families, although the House bill is short on details. Gov. Terry Branstad, who was sworn in Friday, supports vouchers but has yet to share specifics about his preschool plan.

    Democrats predict up to 1,200 preschool teachers and aides could lose their jobs if the House bill becomes law.

    Republicans, "instead of looking at maybe some bureaucracy, they have decided to wipe out all of our investments in preschool," House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, D-Des Moines, said. "That seems very wrong-headed, and it's something we will oppose."

    So the Republican plan will destroy jobs and reduce a program that almost certainly saves money in the long run. And all at the exact same time that they are cutting taxes on big business by 50%. I'm sorry. But I consider preschool for America's children a MUCH higher priority than giving tax breaks to big corporations that then use the money to boost CEO bonuses.

    Iowa Democrats are fighting the Republican attack on children to subsidize big business. I hope the good people of Iowa back the Democrats on this one.


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