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  • Wednesday, November 24, 2010

    Menu for Thanksgiving 2010

    For those who like to talk food...

    We thought we might have guests this year, so I planned out an elaborate menu. Turns out it will only be the family, so I guess we will have LOTS of leftovers. Here's my menu for 2010:

    TURKEY BREAST: infused with Wissotsky Cherry flavored black tea for 24 hours (took us an entire day to hunt this tea down, but this is the best to use) followed by 24 hour marinating in mushroom soup broth.

    STUFFING: my grandmother's famous recipe. Toasted challah, walnuts, butter, poultry seasoning and a touch of nutmeg. Nothing else except some broth to moisten it if not cooked in a bird. Very simple and wonderful!

    JAPANESE YAMS: baked plain...they don't need anything else.

    BUTTERNUT SQUASH: cooked most of the way in the left over tea from the first Turkey treatment, then finished off with a touch of chipotle seasoning and filled with spicy quinoa and cornmeal.

    SQUASH SEEDS, CAHSEWS AND CORN NUTS: toasted with some cajun seasoning

    CRANBERRIES: fresh cranberries cooked with Agave nectar (instead of sugar) and Serbat Wangi (an Indonesian drink made from ginger, black pepper and sugar).

    KASHA: cooked with African style chicken sausage, butter, garlic and black pepper.


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