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  • Wednesday, November 03, 2010

    Colorado Focus: Green Power Switch

    Now more than ever America needs Green Power. Green Power means domestic energy and that means domestic jobs. Green Power means less money going to Iran, Saudi Arabia and Venezuela and more staying right here in America. Green Power means cleaner air, cleaner water, less carbon emission and a stronger economy. And it is something we ALL can be a part of.

    Here are a couple of programs to help Colorado residents make the switch to green energy. The cost is generally less than 3 cents per kilowatt-hour more than you currently pay for energy. By participating you contribute to reducing carbon emissions, cleaning up Colorado's environment, and stimulating Colorado's economy. Three important ways of helping your local community, local environment and local economy, all for less than 2 cents per kilowatt-hour of energy you use. When my wife and I made a similar switch in New York, we barely noticed the difference in our energy bill. We also switched to compact fluorescent bulbs at the same time and the energy savings reduced our bill by one-third even with the small increase from buying green energy. Together, we reduced our carbon footprint by about 30% while overall saving money. I highly recommend the switch.


    Every day customers like you are reducing their carbon footprint through renewable energy. Because you care about the environment, because you care about future generations and because together, we are making a difference.

    For a small premium you can chose how much renewable energy you would like to use by purchasing 100 kWh blocks or choosing 100% Windsource.

    You can feel proud that by being a part of the Windsource family, you are helping to increase wind energy production in New Mexico. The increase of wind energy has real environmental and economic benefits and is setting the stage to meet future energy needs:

    The typical home uses between 600 and 1,000 kWh of electricity per month. You choose how much of your power you want supplied by wind by selecting a number of blocks or by choosing the 100% Windsource option. It will cost you less than $25 per month to power your home with 100% Windsource...

    The cost of all the Windsource energy you purchase, whether you chose to purchase blocks or 100% Windsource, will be based on your actual metered electricity usage.

    The current Windsource rate is $2.16 per block. An average residential customer using 675 kWh per month and signing up for 100 percent Windsource should expect an average increase of around $15 on their monthly bill.

    You can sign up by clicking here. Start making a real difference today.

    Platte River Power Authority’s Renewable Energy Portfolio

    Platte River provides renewable energy to its four member communities where it is distributed to homes and businesses. Our renewable energy comes primarily from wind generation, although we continually watch for other cost-competitive renewable sources of energy.

    You sign up based on the community you live (can't get more local than that!). Click on your town or city to find out more and to sign up.

    Town of Estes Park

    City of Fort Collins

    City of Longmont

    City of Loveland

    Holy Cross Energy Green Energy Solutions:

    Consumers of Holy Cross Energy now have a choice to participate in a renewable energy program.
    Wind Power Pioneers is wind generated electricity from a wind farm in eastern Colorado.
    You can make a difference for less than a dime a day, in addition to your normal bill!

    Holy Cross Energy brings you clean and efficient Renewable Energy from Colorado’s bountiful natural resources – wind, water & sun.

    We are busy making a new form to enroll in the Wind Power Pioneer Program.
    In the interim, Please call and ask for Member Services at 970-945-5491 to enroll.


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