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  • Thursday, October 07, 2010

    Native Vote Colorado

    From Native Vote 2010:

    The American Indian and Alaska Native population accounts for approximately 2% of the state’s overall population, and 1.7% of Coloradans who are 18 and over. Once again, Indian Country is positioned in a strategic area where the Native vote will substantially impact the congressional races. The national media has identified the seat of Senator Michael Bennett (D) as a toss-up. Since he filled Ken Salazar’s seat after his appointment to the Secretary of Interior, Bennett has not run for office or served a full term. The Senate race is close with Ken Buck (R) leading by 3.4 percent in the polls.

    The 3rd congressional district has never favored candidates by party affiliation. Over the last decade, five Republican and six Democrat congressmen have represented this district. The American Indian and Alaska Native population accounts for 2.5% of the district, and 2.6% of its voters. Congressman John Salazar (D) currently holds the seat with Scott Tipton challenging him from the GOP. As of August 28, 2010, Tipton was leading the race by 8 points (51-43). Tribes: Southern Ute, Ute Mountain

    Important Dates

    Primary Election – August 10, 2010
    General Election – November 2, 2010
    Voter Registration closes October 4, 2010

    Native Vote Contact:

    Dale Fenner
    (720) 448-3942


    Make every vote count in Indian Country. Help Native Vote 2010.


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