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  • Sunday, September 05, 2010

    Democracy for America: Phonebanking for Victory 2010

    This comes from Democracy for America and is one of those strategies that has been proven to win elections in the past:

    [Soon], voters will decide two critical primary races for the U.S. House. Here's what's at stake:

    Annie McLane Kuster -- a pro-choice bold progressive running in New Hampshire to fill the seat being vacated by Paul Hodes -- is a lifetime community activist and public policy advocate that fought for improved access to quality healthcare and affordable education.

    David Segal -- a progressive super star in Rhode Island running for Patrick Kennedy's open House seat -- led the fight as a State Legislator to force the Democratic mayor of Providence to implement a local ordinance that creates a pipeline to employ the unemployed residents of his district.

    One week from today, we start a 3-Day Get-Out-The-Vote PhoneBomb to make sure these progressive Democrats win. The calls are easy and fast. We're only calling already-identified Democratic voters. The key is getting Democrats out to vote in a non-presidential election year. We'll provide the script, the numbers, everything. Annie and David just need you to provide the people-power.

    Yes! I'll call for Annie McLane Kuster.

    Yes! I'll call for David Segal and join the GOTV Phonebomb.

    I can't call, but I'll contribute $5 to each campaign and fuel the Get-Out-The-Vote program.

    Last week, Democracy for America and the Progressive Change Campaign Committee announced a series of PhoneBombs for candidates across the country from now to Election Day.

    The first PhoneBomb was a huge success. Our nationwide movement made over 17,000 calls for David Segal in just one day!

    Now, I've got a calendar on my desk, and its telling me something else incredibly important. 58 Days. That's right -- activists like you and I have started counting down the days -- and we've got just 58 to go until the Election Day this November.

    We are going to have some tough fights on our hands this fall But every time I hear one of the pundits out there talking about an "enthusiasm gap," the only thing I can say is that they must not have met a DFA member! Because when Democrats with conviction run campaigns that champion our progressive values, DFA members step up up every time to push them over the top.

    Join DFA's national volunteer phone team to elect Democrats with conviction.

    I have no doubt that we can win in November, becuase you are the power behind these candidates.

    It's time. Sign up to put two bold progressives over the top today and lets get to work.


    Nick Passanante, Deputy Field Director
    Democracy for America

    Please help out. These kinds of phone banks proved very effective in 2006 and 2008 as part of the winning Democratic strategy. Let's repeat the strategy to win in 2010.

    More on Annie McLane Kuster:

    More on David Segal:


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