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  • Saturday, August 14, 2010

    Bronx Focus: Charlie Ramos Picks up Blue Collar Union Endorsements (SD-32)

    Charlie Ramos is challenging the bigoted incumbent DINO (and I rarely use that term) Ruben Diaz. While Diaz's big supporters are getting nervous about how it looks supporting such a bigot, Charlie Ramos is starting to pick up some big union endorsements. From the Albany Project:

    First, the Painters Union came out with a strong and vocal endorsement of Charlie's grassroots effort;

    "We are proud to endorse Charlie Ramos for State Senate. I have personally participated with him in protests and have witnessed his commitment to working people. I know his years of community organizing provide him with the experience to be a great legislator not only for the Bronx, but for all New Yorkers. If you believe in real democracy and reform, then you know we need to bring a true and hardworking leader to Albany in 2010."

    -Jack Kittle, IUPAT Political Director

    Then today, another big trade-oriented union; the joint council of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for the New York City area.

    "As president of the Teamsters Joint Council 16, I am proud to endorse Charlie Ramos for New York State Senate. His work ethic and commitment to working people make him an ideal candidate to clean up Albany and protect the needs of Teamster families in the Bronx and across the State."

    -George Miranda, President of IBT Joint Council 16

    Two observations from these endorsements. First, it's notable that these are trade unions. Neither IBT or IUPAT are considered to be stalwart progressive unions in New York City. These are blue collar, working class, trade-oriented unions that made a determination that Charlie Ramos is the candidate representing working class interested in the 32nd Senate District. Take note people; Charlie is building a coalition that extends to varied interests. This is not just a one issue campaign on marriage equality but a varied effort to bring progressive change to the Bronx.

    It should be noted that Ruben Diaz is making enemies all over NYC. He has also pissed off some Staten Island politicians (including Diane Savino, who I particularly like):

    Help defeat Bigot Diaz:

    Charlie Ramos for State Senate

    Charlie Ramos' facebook page


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