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  • Friday, July 23, 2010

    Colorado Focus: Jake Williams for Colorado House of Representatives

    This comes from the Indigenous Democratic Network:

    INDN's List is proud to announce the endorsement of Jake Williams for the 12th District of the Colorado House of Representatives. The 12th legislative district is a heavily Democratic district, so the primary will decide who represents Colorado from this district. Jake Williams is experienced in fighting for change, is passionate about progressive causes and has a vision for leading Colorado and Indian Country into the future. Jake has also raised the bar in his campaigning, by running the most extensive field campaign of any Colorado House candidate.

    Please visit Jake’s fundraising page to make a contribution to his race. Anything you can afford to give will help this excellent candidate cross the finish line victorious.

    Colorado has moved to an all mail-in ballot program. Ballots are going out this week! So your donation today will help Jake communicate during this critical portion of the campaign.

    About the Race

    Jake Williams is running for State Representative in Colorado's District 12, which encompasses the East Boulder County communities of Longmont, Louisville and Lafayette. House District 12 is heavily Democratic, and Jake is engaged in a primary battle that will likely determine who will take the seat at the State House. At 32 years old, Jake is a rising star in the Democratic Party who has cut his teeth and raised his profile by orchestrating hard-earned political victories on behalf of candidates and progressive organizations. Once elected, Jake will be the only American Indian in Colorado's State House of Representatives. He has been endorsed by 10 current Democratic state legislators, including the State Senate's only American Indian, Sen. Suzanne Williams. INDN's List was proud to help Senator Williams win her election and looks forward to continuing to support Indian candidates in Colorado.

    Proven Leadership

    Jake Williams has quickly forged a successful career in politics. As a regional grassroots fundraising director for the Democratic National Committee in California, he lifted his office to # 1 in the country. As an advocate for working families at SEIU, Jake helped to pass legislation including "whistleblower" protection for every nurse in Colorado and mandatory hospital infection reporting to help every patient in Colorado. As a campaign strategist, he engineered victories for Democratic candidates for seats that had been held by Republicans for decades. Jake also founded a fundraising committee for progressive women candidates in 2006. Currently, Jake works for the Western Conservation Foundation, where he funds and coordinates campaigns to improve federal environmental policy.

    Proud Native American

    Jake is a member of the Pokagon Band of Potawatomi Indians. He was a beneficiary of the Michigan Indian Tuition Waiver and student financial support from his tribe, which enabled him to earn a Bachelor's degree in Political Science and Communications from the University of Michigan, along with a Master's degree from the London School of Economics. Jake is proud of his heritage and recognizes the debt he owes to his tribe and ancestors. He will always fight for tribal sovereignty, progressive causes and economic justice for everyone.

    You can find more information about Jake on his website at www.jakewilliams.org.

    Yakoke, *

    Kalyn Free
    President, INDN's List

    * "Thank You," in Choctaw.


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