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  • Friday, May 28, 2010

    Arizona Focus: Racist Sheriff Joe Arpaio may have misused 50 MILLION Dollars

    Joe Arpaio, the wanna be banana republic dictator who is sheriff in Maricopa County, may well have added massive corruption to his long list of crimes.

    From CBS station KPHO:

    According to the papers, the supervisors' chief financial officer, Loretta Barkell, provided information showing almost $500,000 in taxpayer funds of misspending in just a two-week period.

    The money, according to court records, came mostly from voter-created and restricted funds. If that's true, the board said it doesn't see any reason that the first-time funds were misused.

    One of Arpaio's lawyers suggested the misspending started in 2006, according to the board. Arpaio may have misspent more than $50 million taxpayer dollars in the past five years alone, according to the documents...

    Arpaio and the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office have refused to participate in an audit.

    So Arpaio refuses to justify how he used TAXPAYER money. That is NOT HIS MONEY. That is the money of the people of Arizona and he had better justify how he spent it to those people. Yet he refuses to tell the taxpayers how he spent THEIR money.

    This is just the latest sleazy aspect of the sleazy, nasty career of Arpaio.

    Some background:

    Arpaio doesn't even run a competent department:

    Arpaio's deputy was found to be in contempt for his incompetence, and this ultimately is the responsibility of Sheriff Joe Arpaio. From AZ Central:

    A Maricopa County Superior Court judge found a Sheriff's Office deputy chief in contempt of court Wednesday for his office's repeated inability to deliver jail inmates to court dates on time.

    In his order, Presiding Criminal Judge Gary Donahoe wrote that the sheriff's court-security division is "chronically understaffed," which he characterized as a consistent and conscious decision on the part of the Sheriff's Office...

    Donahoe ordered that Trombi pay "remedial relief" totaling $10,575 to the court, prosecutors, the defendants, their lawyers and even the jurors for the inconvenience...

    Making sure inmates make court dates is one of the primary responsibilities of a sheriff under state law. In 2007, the office transported nearly 150,000 inmates and this year expects to transport more than 160,000.

    The indirect civil-contempt findings focus on four incidents in which defendants either arrived late - or not at all - to court hearings over four days in August.

    In one instance, a detention officer informed a court commissioner that because of a shortage of experienced officers, only 64 of 123 defendants would be delivered to a single court that day.

    Under the law if you don't deliver the inmate to court on time, you are breaking the law and showing contempt to the judge, the court and the legal system. Where I come from, law enforcement recognizes the authority of the courts. I guess they do things differently, and incompetently, in Maricopa County's sheriff's office. I guess somehow Joe Arpaio doesn't care about the law.

    And Arpaio is a blatant racist with Neo-Nazi ties:

    Here is a video exposing a link between the racist, un-American thug Joe Arpaio and Neo-Nazis:

    And here is a Democracy Now segment on Racist Arpaio:

    Let's hope the law finally gets this corrupt sleaze.


    Anonymous Anonymous said...

    joe arpaio is sick has postraumatic & over power and stress desorder !!! spending tax payer money for false propaganda , and using others to do his dirty work !! see how is affecting the world and growing like a virus ..
    is he really helping Arizona? or is he destroyding the name of arizona ,instead of promoting some good thing and the beaty of arizona to bring tourists and build economy ! He can be smart and how to arrest the real bad people no the GOOD hard workers !!!!

    6:45 PM  

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