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  • Friday, March 05, 2010

    Right Wing Love of Domestic Terrorism

    Last week I only briefly mentioned the domestic terrorist attack in Austin Texas and the disgusting right wing love fest for Stack, the terrorist who committed the crime. Clearly the right wing long ago ceased to be the law and order party (if they ever were) and have become the party that praises the likes of Timothy McVeigh and Joseph Stack. Remember, Republican idol Ron Paul praised David Koresh, the insane, child abusing rapist cult leader who died resisting arrest in Waco, TX, as some kind of martyr.

    Here is what I wrote in the Austin, Texas section of the newsletter:

    According to Republicans a Domestic Terrorist is a Hero...why do Republicans hate America and love terrorists so much? Republicans love the guy who committed a terrorist act against America. But let's remember the victim of the attack:

    From Texas Liberal:

    Vernon Hunter was father of six, a Vietnam veteran, and a dedicated public servant.

    Some people think Mr. Stack is a hero of some sort. Yet the clear fact is that a person who flies an airplane into the side of the building is a terrorist.

    Paying taxes is part of what makes us citizens in a free society. The person who resists paying taxes with violence is a terrorist and a traitor.

    One of my readers wrote to comment on this event, inspiring me to discuss it further. Here is what she said:

    the media largely missed or diffused the GOP coddling of lunatic suicide murderer Andrew Joseph Stack, who did exactly what Timothy McVeigh did in 1995 but took out one person vs. 168. Also ironic that he used the same tactic as the 9/11 nineteen. The whole fascist tone of the Tea Baggers and cowardly Republicans is downright scary. They have a lot in common with be the brown shirts while our country is looking more like the Weimar Republic every day. Once runaway inflations hits, head for the hills!

    When mainstream politicians herald domestic terror as heroic and the media ignores or drowns it out with the health care summit, the olympics and the latest on Tiger Woods, (except Frank Rich in today's column) we're in deep trouble. A 68-year-old public servant who was a Vietnam Veteran and probably working a couple of extra years to
    shore up his retirement was murdered.

    It's such an outrage that Stack isn't compared to McVeigh and Al Qaeda and that every US citizen isn't up in arms against this domestic terrorist and every Republican traitor who didn't call him on it.

    The same theme was discussed in this Daily Kos diary. The sheer, and utter stupidity of Republican rhetoric about the IRS was discussed in this Daily Kos diary. Blogs covered this aspect of the story. Mainstream media didn't.

    Among the Republicans who praised terrorist Stack was Congressman Steve King of Iowa. King suggested that a blow against the IRS was a blow for freedom and America. This is another Republican attempt to claim that a Somalia-like lack of central government would somehow be a good thing, despite the fact that the only situations where this kind of right wing vision has been put into place are places like Somalia and the remote, warlord dominated regions of Pakistan and Afghanistan. Let's also remember that Steve King is a well-known Republican racist (see, for example, here and here). King also was one of the 11 Republicans who voted against aid to the victims of Hurricane Katrina. Steve King's advocacy of domestic terrorism in his dream to turn America into a giant Somalia is discussed in this Daily Kos diary. You donate to support a Democrat running against terrorist apologist Steve King (who represents IA-5 congressional district) through my Iowa Act Blue Page. Donations will go to whoever the Democratic nominee is.

    Racism, torture, terrorist attacks on America and envisioning Somalia's chaos as some kind of goal for America to aim for...this is what the Republican Party represents today.


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