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  • Friday, March 19, 2010

    Queens, NY Focus: Slasher Monserrate Goes Down in Flames

    Great news! Jose Peralta trounced Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate in the special election to fill Monserrate's State Senate seat after Monserrate got kicked out by his colleagues after he beat up his girlfriend. No one is going to miss Monserrate except maybe his colleagues in reactionary politics, Pedro Espada and Rubin Diaz.

    Hiram "Slasher" Monserrate has always been something of a thuggish DINO. He really pissed people off by briefly switching to Republican to throw the State Senate back into paralysis out of some immature tantrum. I was disgusted by how NY State Democrats welcomed him back when his petty tantrum was over and he switched back to Democrat. It took way too much for them to finally wash their hands of him. But we are FINALLY rid of the sleaze.

    What finally did it was the allegation, partly based on behavior caught on film, that he slashed his girlfriend's face with broken glass then brutally manhandled her to the hospital. Yes, we are talking about a State Senator here, not some common thug...or maybe he IS a common thug who happened to get to the State Senate.

    Monserrate was convicted of manhandling his girlfriend (a misdemeanor) because it was caught on tape but not of slashing her face (a felony) because there were no witnesses to that and she, as is sadly typical of abused spouses the world over, refused to press charges. Nevertheless, based on the misdemeanor conviction, his colleagues in the State Senate kicked him out and Governor Paterson, despite his own problems, called a special election. Monserrate arrogantly decided that even a brutal, girlfriend slashing thug had a right to be in the State Senate, ran as an independent. Jose Peralta chose to run against him as a Democrat. And, of course, there was a token Republican running as well that no one paid attention to as far as I know.

    Well, it looks like slashing your girlfriend's face is NOT considered an endearing quality in a State Senator in Queens whatever Monserrate might think. Jose Peralta is the new State Senator from Queen's State Senate District 13.Peralta is won with over 65%, Slasher got around 27%, and the Republican candidate around 7%.

    The sad thing is almost 30% of the voters thought slashing his girlfriend's face didn't disqualify Monserrate from representing them. I should also note that even a face-slashing thug like Monserrate polls better than Republicans in most of NYC. I once said the Democrats could run a sponge cake in certain districts of NYC and still win against the Republicans. Honestly, I'd rather a sponge cake, or a Republican, over someone like Monserrate who you can't trust and who is a thug who slashes his girlfriend's face then manhandles her to the hospital.

    But the majority rejected the thug and the Republian. Jose Peralta won the day. In the end democracy, and the Democrats, save some face. Let's hope Peralta is a much better senator than Slasher Monserrate was. Of course he doesn't even have to try very hard to be better. But I sure hope he does try hard!


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