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  • Friday, March 19, 2010


    California has an excellent secretary of state, Debra Bowen. Of course, since she is for integrity and fair elections, the Republicans are targeting her. Debra Bowen has been endorsed by:

    California Association of Highway Patrolmen
    "Both the active and retired members of the CAHP are sincerely appreciative of having the opportunity to work with you on issues affecting law enforcement, the California Highway Patrol and the citizens of California. Through your actions, you have demonstrated a real concern for the safety of the public and the members of our Association. We appreciate the cooperative relationship that exists between you and our representatives."

    California Teachers Association
    "On October 24, 2009, the CTA State Council of Education, comprised of over 700 teachers leaders, overwhelmingly concurred in your candidacy recommendation which confirms your status as a "Friendly Incumbent" and we in CTA look forward to working closely with you during the coming election campaign."

    CDF Firefighters
    "Our active and retired members look forward to working with you on legislation affecting CAL FIRE and on enhancing all emergency services for the citizens of California. We appreciate the cooperative relationship that exists between you and our representatives."

    Peace Officers Research Association of California
    "PORAC prides itself on carefully scrutinizing the qualifications of every candidate. You will be an excellent representative for your district, especially in regards to the issues involving public safety. As law enforcement officers, we appreciate your willingness to keep the avenues of communication open and your concerted efforts to seek our input on issues involving public safety and law enforcement. These qualities make you truly deserving of the PORAC endorsement."

    The Sierra Club
    "Sierra Club California is pleased to endorse your candidacy for re-election as California Secretary of State. We believe that you have demonstrated an outstanding commitment to environmental protection, and we are confident that you will continue to be a champion of California's air, water and wild places."

    Here is what Debra Bowen has accomplished: (From her website)

    After taking office in 2007, Debra ordered a groundbreaking top-to-bottom review of California’s voting systems. When this review by dozens of independent experts revealed significant flaws in every voting system examined, Debra shored up election security and post-election audits in an unprecedented way. She specified detailed conditions for use of each type of voting system and imposed strict limitations on the use of direct recording electronic (DRE) machines.

    For this trailblazing leadership in strengthening democracy, Debra was recognized nationally with the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage Award, one of the highest global honors for public servants who choose principles over partisanship.

    As Secretary of State, Debra has also:

    * Streamlined operations and cut her agency’s budget by more than 20%
    * Enhanced public access by expanding website services and establishing social media feeds of Secretary of State news and directives
    * Fought for increased accountability of private-sector election contractors
    * Won $3.25 million for Californians in a lawsuit against a voting system vendor
    * Strengthened election fraud prevention efforts
    * Launched a complete rebuild of the statewide voter registration database
    * Expanded voter education with creative new and traditional methods

    Prior to being elected Secretary of State, Debra served six years in the State Assembly (1992-1998) and eight years in the State Senate (1998-2006). She authored numerous laws aimed at building public confidence in elections, including measures to require that post-election audits use the paper records produced by DRE voting machines, be conducted in public, and include vote-by-mail ballots along with the ballots cast at polling places.

    If you can help Debra's re-election, please go here and help re-elect one of the nation's most dedicated women as California's secretary of state.


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