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  • Thursday, February 18, 2010

    Virginia Focus: Tom Perriello Standing Strong!

    Seems Tom Perriello is doing well in the eyes of voters:

    A few days ago, pundits got a little shock when they saw the first poll about the 5th district race. While everyone thought we would be down ten points or more and many people had written us off altogether, no Republican in the race could beat Tom. As the American Prospect reported, "[P]arty officials were surprised by how Perriello has maintained his popularity in a district that has a +5 Republican advantage during this tough political climate for incumbents."

    Your support will help us continue to surprise Washington insiders. Please give $10, $15, or even $50 today to put us in the strongest possible position heading into election season.

    While we haven't yet spent a dime on advertising, corporate special interests poured over $1 million in negative ads against Tom last year. The oil companies and the health insurers know that Tom will not kowtow to their agenda and they are putting in extraordinary resources to defeat him. Despite all the negative advertising, people see Tom working for them and standing up to the special interests.

    People are recognizing that even though Tom is one of the top targets for national Republicans, he does not run away from his convictions or from tackling some of our largest generational challenges. With all eyes on our race this year, we need to show that a Democrat in a tough district can hold strong on populist values and still win.

    The conventional wisdom can be proven wrong if we can push Tom to victory on a message of delivering results and sticking to principles. Can you give $10, $15, or even $50 today to support that message?

    There will be a lot of polls between now and November, but this is an early sign that our strategy of people-powered politics is paying off. While people remain frustrated with the paralysis in Washington, citizens of the 5th district recognize that Tom is working hard for them and representing their interests. We can continue to surprise DC insiders and expand our sense of what's possible in our politics with your support. Please give $10, $15, or even $50 today to help us continue to shake things up in Washington.

    Thank you for being a part of this,

    Anna Scholl
    Finance Director

    Tom Perriello is one of my favorite freshmen in Congress. He has been a tad to the right of what I like, but his background working for reconciliation among the factions fighting the Sierra Leone civil war and working to bring the dictator Charles Taylor to justice, makes him a very important member of Congress.

    Tom is someone we need in Congress. So if you can help out, please send $10 or $15 his way.


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