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  • Friday, November 06, 2009

    Latest from Alex Sink for Florida Governor

    This comes from Alex Sink's campaign:

    On Friday, I announced that as Florida's CFO, I will focus on addressing the challenges facing small business owners throughout our state to help get our economy back up and running. We can't ignore these problems -- Florida's unemployment rate is now at 11%, outpacing the national average.

    With our state's economy in trouble, Floridians need a strong business leader who has a proven track record, who knows how to create good jobs and who isn't afraid of tackling our state's economic challenges head on. With your support, I intend to put Florida under new management as your next Governor.

    I'm encouraged by the White House's interest in addressing the challenges small business owners are facing throughout the country--and particularly here in Florida. With Florida's unemployment rate skyrocketing and with small businesses struggling to gain access to capital, the focus on supporting small businesses at a national level could not come at a better time for our state.

    Small businesses have always been the backbone of Florida's economy. With 1.9 million small businesses in Florida, our state is depending on these businesses and start-ups to grow our economy and get us to the other side of this economic hurricane.

    As our state's CFO, I am already working to get Florida out of this recession. And as governor, I will work hard to support small businesses and help make Florida's economy shine once again.

    Florida cannot afford to be left behind as the rest of the nation recovers. We need to act quickly to ensure that Florida remains a land of boundless opportunity.

    Your contribution today of $100, $50 or $25 to my campaign for governor will help get Florida the new leadership we desperately need.

    When Alex Sink first ran for CFO I supported her. At that time some of my Florida connections told me I had made a good choice and that Alex Sink was up and coming, I should expect her to go far in Florida politics. It looks like that may well come true. Alex Sink has done great as CFO and would make a great governor.


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