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  • Saturday, August 22, 2009

    Iowa's 90th House District Special Election September 1st

    September 1st is a special election for Iowa's 90th House District (Jefferson, Van Buren, and Wapello Counties). Let me introduce the Democratic candidate is Curt Hanson:

    Here is a blurb from MyDD:

    The Democratic candidate for the special election is Curt Hanson, a retired driver's education teacher who has won various teaching awards. Hanson is campaigning on bread-and-butter issues: jobs, health care, education, and balancing the budget. He doesn't mention marriage equality or the Iowa Supreme Court ruling on his site's issues page.

    Democrats hold a 56-44 majority in the Iowa House. House Speaker Pat Murphy strongly supported the Varnum v Brien ruling and has made clear he will block efforts to bring a constitutional amendment banning same-sex marriage to the House floor. A victory in this special election would be a shot in the arm for the Republican Party of Iowa, which has suffered net losses of seats in the Iowa legislature for four straight elections. In fact, Iowa GOP chairman Matt Strawn has called the district 90 special election a "must win."

    If Burgmeier is successful on September 1, expect his campaign strategy to be copied in competitive legislative districts next year. Republican candidates can focus on economic issues while outside groups pay for ads attacking gay marriage.

    Curt Hanson seems like a good candidate and a decent guy. Here is a blurb from Curt Hanson's website:

    Hanson was born and raised on an Iowa family farm. He attended the University of Northern Iowa and received his masters from the University of Iowa. He and his wife, Diane, have two grown children. They are members of First United Methodist Church and Curt is also a member of the Fairfield Kiwanis Club.

    “My priorities are simple: balance the state budget, create good-paying jobs in key industries like renewable energy, make health care more affordable for middle class families, and ensure our kids have the education and skills they need to get a job in these tough economic times,” said Hanson.

    Hanson is a retired teacher and driver education instructor in Fairfield. He has been selected by his community as Fairfield Teacher of the Year and has been selected by his peers to serve those in the teaching profession at both the local and state levels. He was also runner-up National Driver Education Teacher of the Year and has served as President and Business Manager of the Iowa Association of Safety Education.

    “As State Representative, I can promise the people of Jefferson, Van Buren, and Wapello Counties two things – I’ll work hard and I’ll always listen to you,” concluded Hanson.

    Don't forget to vote for Curt Hanson for Iowa's 90th House District on September 1st!


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