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  • Thursday, August 13, 2009

    Rush Limbaugh's Nazi Rhetoric Must Stop

    Rush Limbaugh loves to call Obama a Nazi. To me this shows either Rush has no concept of history or he is deliberately lying, because there is NO RESEMBLANCE between Obama's policies and Nazism. I seriously think Rush needs to read the classic history The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich.

    The National Jewish Democratic Council is sick and tired of Rush's ignorance and/or deliberate deception and are demanding that Rush stop his irresponsible Nazi rhetoric. From the NJDC:

    Rush Limbaugh has engaged in some wild right-wing antics over the years. But yesterday he compared President Barack Obama and Speaker Nancy Pelosi to Hitler and today his website has the logo of the president's health insurance reform plan morphing into a Nazi graphic replete with Swastikas.

    Rush has to be stopped, and we need your help to do so – today. Add your voice to those telling Rush’s network that he has to be stopped; sign our petition today.

    Limbaugh's horrifying use of Hitler references and swastikas is deeply offensive and wildly inappropriate, and it has to stop – now. It doesn't help when Rep. Eric Cantor, the lone Jewish Republican in Congress, said last weekend that "we need... the Rush Limbaughs" in the GOP. Cantor is wrong; we do not need anyone who abuses the memory of the Holocaust in our political discourse, period.

    Rush’s deeply offensive use of Holocaust imagery must stop, and we need your help to put an end this right-wing insanity today. We need your help to do two things right now:

    1. Sign our petition and lend your voice to those telling Rush’s network that enough is enough – abusing the memory of the Holocaust has to stop right now.

    2. Forward this...to five friends right now!
    We need to engage as many friends and family as possible in this effort to shut Rush up.

    Together, we can reclaim our political discourse – and put a stop to Rush's horrendous Nazi rhetoric.


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