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  • Saturday, June 13, 2009

    NJ-5 District: “Take the Fifth" PAC

    Repeated from last week.

    I want to continue my focus on the NJ-5 district which is represented by a right wing extremist who I have in my sights because he was one of 11 Republicans who voted against funding to help Katrina victims. He also is just plain a lousy politician and an embarassment to New Jersey.

    Last week I focused on RetireGarrett.com. This week I want to focus on “Take the Fifth” PAC.

    The “Take the Fifth” PAC will help raise funds to more effectively deliver the message that Scott Garrett is unfit to serve in Congress. Ultimately it will assist in the campaign of the Democratic candidate who opposes Garrett in the 2010 election. In George’s words, here is how the “Take the Fifth” PAC will function:

    Take the 5th is an all-volunteer, non-profit PAC. Our mission is to unseat Scott Garrett as 5th district NJ Congressman by alerting the electorate of his extreme positions and voting record:

    o Garrett is one of the most ultra conservative members of the “House” and is unrepresentative of, and unresponsive to, the citizens of this district.
    o Voters are unaware of the wide range of extreme right wing positions he’s taken.
    o With Republicans and Democrats about evenly divided in the NJ caucus, he is frequently outvoted twelve to one. GARRETT is the ODD MAN OUT!
    o His votes and positions favor the wealthiest 1% of individuals and the most powerful global corporations to the detriment of small businesses, the middle class, working Americans, children and seniors.
    o Garret consistently opposes most aid to public education, to the poor, elderly and disaster stricken, to veterans, to scientific and medical research and care.
    o He favored the war in Iraq but voted against adequate supplies, armament and protection for our troops.
    o He was the only congressman in the entire Northeast to vote against extending the voting rights act.
    o He votes so consistently to try to defeat measures that are good for the district, the state and the country that he should be called CONGRESSMAN NO!

    We need volunteers to:
    - Compile mailing lists, email addresses, phone numbers,
    - Research Garrett’s voting history in Washington and Trenton,
    - Compile an extensive file on Garrett’s voting record,
    - Build a database organized for greatest impact for target audiences,
    - Update and improve our web site and our text messaging capability,
    - Raise funds to get Garrett’s record to voters and donors,
    - Recruit more volunteers to further disseminate Garrett’s record.

    It won’t take much persuasion to recruit any volunteer to stop Garrett from doing more harm. No one will be asked to perform more than the time available.
    We can retire CONGRESSMAN NO. Until now, his opponents have focused on his negatives. A vigorous campaign conducted by Take the 5th alerting all to Garrett’s record will permit his next opponent to focus on his/her own positives.

    To help out, contact: George Hertzberg 201.767.9411 hertzberg1@verizon.net

    You can also donate to help whoever wins the next Democratic primary in the NJ-5 district through my Katrina 11 site.


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