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  • Friday, November 07, 2008

    Jewish Vote Overwhelmingly for Obama

    From the National Jewish Democratic Council:

    With your help, the Jewish community voted overwhelmingly for Barack Obama.

    We are proud that Obama captured 78% of the Jewish vote, according to exit polls. Despite all the hype that Jewish voters would flock to John McCain, these polls show that McCain only received 21% of the Jewish vote.

    This was a decisive election; we sent a clear message regarding the differences between the Obama platform and the policies of President Bush and McCain.

    With Obama's victory, we selected a candidate who shares the values of the vast majority of American Jews, including the separation of church and state, a strong U.S.-Israel relationship, and reproductive freedom.

    Election after election for the last 36 years, Republicans have persisted in asserting that their nominee would gain a significant portion of the Jewish vote. Supporters of McCain engaged in an unprecedented anti-Obama campaign in the Jewish community. After spending millions of dollars on an ad campaign filled with misinformation and smears, Jewish Republicans once again could not sway Jewish voters.

    With your help, NJDC was able to combat the disgraceful Republican campaign of lies and smears.

    We are glad to see the dawning of a new era in American politics after the last eight years of the disastrous Bush administration. We look forward to the swearing in of President-elect Obama and will keep you informed about Inauguration activities.

    Thanks again,

    Ira N. Forman
    Executive Director
    National Jewish Democratic Council (NJDC)


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